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Submitted this review about Altitude Movers Denver
Review made Live: 8/29/2014 2:03:00 PM
AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. They also DBA Die Hard Home Services. The owner, John Piccone also owns Stallion Moving Services (under a separate legal entity as per the CO Secretary of State page). This company is nothing but trouble. My troubles started Wednesday, August 27th. Altitude was contracted to complete a FULL PACK on 27th with a 5.8 mile move to the new residence on the 28th. On Wednesday, they finally show up at 11:50 am. I was told they would be "dispatched" between 9 and 11 am however, it was only a 28 minute drive from their warehouse to my house. Still can't figure out what happened to nearly 20 minutes there I was charged for. When they show up, there's only 2 men with less than 30 boxes to pack an 1800 sq. foot house. After calling their office 15 times, I finally get someone on the phone to let them know this is completely unacceptable, both in the number of men and the quantity of supplies. I was ensured that wardrobe boxes would be included to load the closets in (these never showed and clothes were just shoved in boxes). Over 1/3 of the boxes weren't even labeled (we found this out when they started moving). They finally finished packing at 7 pm on Wednesday. I was promised by both the crew leader AND the office that we would be the first crew dispatched on the 28th and that they would be there by 9 am. So the 28th rolls around. By 10 am, nobody has showed up and I call the office (at least another 15 times before anyone answers). At this point I'm told that they will be there in less than 30 minutes. Once again, it's after 11 am before they show up and this time with only 3 men to load and move the house. I am on the phone with Dawn (who supposedly is the office manager) immediately informing her that neither the quantity of men nor the time they arrived is acceptable. I am promised that an additional crew is on their way. This is in between the little giggles that Dawn is giving me (apparently she thought it was funny). Fast forward to 3:15 pm. The second crew hasn't arrived and they still haven't packed the first truck. Back on the phone with the office again. More promises of a 2nd crew. "They are coming back in from other jobs" is what I'm told and "They will be out shortly". Continue on until 6 pm. The first truck is finally packed and they head to the house. I'm back on the phone with Dawn and suddenly she's become "cough, cough, gag, gag, I'm sick." Same old spiel. "Crew is on there way...." The first truck is unloaded at 8:30 pm and only one additional man has showed up to help. Keep in mind that they didn't even pack "whole" pieces of furniture so that at least someone could start putting stuff together. 30 calls later, I get hold of Dawn AGAIN. I'm told this time that Scott (who is apparently the general manager, but doesn't have a driver's license and never gave his last name) is on his way with 4 more guys and another truck and that they'll be there in 20 minutes. 9 pm comes and goes and nobody shows. Scott finally calls me at 9:20 pm and says that he and 4 others are actually on their way. I am irate by this point but not abusive or mistreating of their staff. At 9:45 pm, I get the following text message from Scott: "Sir. It's been difficult to communicate with you in your state of anger. I want you to know that we can and will help you if you stop behavior, if you continue to mistreat our staff we will be unable to do anything for you. As is, we will give you half off the standard cost of the additional crew we can send to complete your job in the interest of helping you and give you 2 hours off the move total as recompense if you agree not to file complaints attack us online, or in any other way." Now, I don't know about anyone else, but this is called BLACKMAIL in my book. This is the type of business that they run. According to Scott, he was "forced" to send the text message from Mr. Piccone. Finally, at 10:15 pm, the 2nd truck and about 6 more men roll in. Scott himself shows up and commits personally that he will be there until the end and the job is done. He also claims in one breath that Mr. Piccone is only the owner and not involved (although enough to threaten blackmail). At 11 pm, the house is finally empty and we begin a caravan to the new place. Everything is finally unloaded by 12:15 am and they start trying to put furniture back together. Of the 3 beds in the house, 2 are put together wrong and will require me to reassemble them. They broke the leg off of a $3,000 Posturepedic-style bed. At 12:30 am, Scott, who committed to being there until the job's done, say "Hey, I'm going to leave. I need to get home to my kids." He actually said this with a straight face while by 11 and 9 year old children are downstairs on the couch because their beds still are put together. At 1:15 am, the last guy walked out the door. As icing on the cake, I walk downstairs to my bed and notice, on top of one of the 42" tall bookcases, that is says "Nike" in several spots. Apparently, it was strong enough for them to stand on. Who know's what else is broken. It's going to take me weeks to go through boxes since so many are unlabeled.