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Submitted this review about Century Moving Services
Review made Live: 6/2/2015 7:30:00 PM
They gave us a binding quote of $1,804.20. After everything was loaded on the truck they presented paperwork saying our bill was going to be $4396.81. They refused to unload our belongings unless we first signed paperwork saying we received all of our property. The driver, Alex, hired three random guys to meet at my house to unload my belongings. The guys told me they didn't work for Century, and just do this to earn extra money. Alex drug my couch fabric side down on the sidewalk. I also had several damaged pieces of furniture, as well as damages to my house. Alex then refused to abide by the contract and reassemble the furniture that was disassembled by the company at the pickup. He then called my wife and I liars when we listed everything that was disassembled. He followed that by accusing me of, "Causing Trouble" when I insisted he abide by the contract. Some of my property was thrown from the truck onto the ground. I spoke with one of the company partners, Zeke, three times about my dissatisfaction. He stated he has received complaints before about Alex, yet he remains employed. Zeke assured we would resolve this to my satisfaction. Zeke called me back a week later and offered a $200 "Good Faith" refund. I told him that was uscceptable, so he said he would talk to the other partners again. He called back almost two weeks later with an offer of $350. I again said that was unacceptable. We talked a little bit longer, which resulted in him withdrawing his offer, stating that I didn't deserve anything. He then called me a curse word, and hung up on me.