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Review made Live: 6/9/2016 5:51:00 PM
Long Distance Movers claim that they are not a broker,it is not true since they ‘broke’ practically everything they touched. During the initial conversations with them they gave a quotation and guaranteed delivery between 4 and 7 days from the earliest available delivery date. Taking this as a que, I held out enough diabetes medicine to carry me through 14 days, When the 7 days expired and still no furniture we called and made an inquiry. We were told that according to the law they could take up to 21 working days from the first available delivery date. These were not even the Long Distance Movers, it was a company called Cross Country Movers. Our furniture was moved several times from one truck to another, from truck to storage. Finally, the truck arrived at the destination in 24 days, instead 7 days. It was after dark and snow had started to fall. I asked if they would prefer to come back during the daytime to do this as they looked tired from their drive up from Atlanta. They said they're okay and started setting up to unload. The laborer was, apparently, in a hurry and instead of hand carrying boxes from the top, just pulled them and let them fall to the ground. He was not even interested in looking at how they were marked, Fragile, etc. He was not even concerned with how he handled furniture. Small pieces (tables, etc) were carried by the legs and because of the nature of the pieces the legs, in most cases, were broken off. The crux of this is that there were 14 pieces of furniture that was broken, 90% of our China and crystal was broken, 7 boxes were, and still are, missing. We did file a claim with the claim handling company that they hire, not much incentive to be helpful to us, and after 6 months they offered to settle with us for $66.00. Can you imagine $66.00 dollars for pieces of crystal and China that survived 6 moves, including one from overseas, that were passed down for generations and can never be replaced? Plus missing items that cannot be replaced, old cast iron and copper cookware, etc. Not to mention the time, effort and money to repair furniture that was fragile to begin with. This company doesn't take responsibility for all stages of the moving process: schedule, loading, delivery, safety, claims. Never will we use them again, and we recommend that you stay away as well, if you value your belongings.