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Used and Stolen Items

Submitted this review about 1st Choice Moving & Storage
Review made Live: 11/15/2014 5:54:00 AM
I must start by saying the movers at the near and far ends were AWESOME!! They were all professional, courteous and kind. They picked up my things in Denver in Dec 2013 to move into storage until Sept 2014, when I contacted them with my delivery address. The entire time my things were in storage, I had repeated experiences of Mara Reyes' incompetence. Just when I thought she couldn't be less competent, she would surprise me again with that damn monthly bill. EVERY SINGLE MONTH, she would send my bill around the 30th, due on the 1st, inclusive of a $10 late fee. I called and gently explained that it was impossible to incur a late fee since I hadn't been previously billed. EVERY SINGLE MONTH, she apologized and promised to fix it and that it wouldn't happen again. EVERY SINGLE MONTH, a late fee appeared on my bill. EVERY SINGLE MONTH I relived this same exercise with the ever-incompetent Maria Reyes. That was my sampling of the frustration that was to accompany my final delivery. All this time I'm thinking my things are safe in their professional climate-controlled storage facility. When I called to schedule final delivery, I was blown-off, and experienced my first real twinge of anxiety - I seriously began to wonder if my things had been sold on ebay or craigslist months prior, as I continued to faithfully pay my monthly storage fee. After daily persistence spanning nearly 2 weeks, I finally got a delivery time-frame out of the ever-incompetent Maria Reyes. Actual delivery was a day later than what she told me, but I was overjoyed when I saw the truck pull up! Fully half of my joy was in believing that I'd never again have to deal with the ever-incompetent Maria Reyes. I probably wouldn't be writing this review except for what I later discovered... as I said at the start, the movers themselves were fantastic! And I'm grateful for being the Type A person I am. I made my own inventory list before loading the truck in Dec. Because of my list, I was able to quickly determine I was missing two very integral items: the LEGS and BASE to my pub table (the chairs and table top strangely made it), and a custom-cut glass shelf that goes to my antique vanity. So I have a table I can't use, and an antique with diminished value, thanks to the ever-incompetent Maria Reyes and her cronies. What's with hoarding the table legs - I read this also happened to another reviewer - seriously!!! I blasted an email to every person I'd ever spoken with or emailed there plus Customer Service, and was lucky enough to hear back from "Elena" who sounded sincerely empathetic. Although I believe she tried her best to locate my missing items, I'm certain now that I'll never see them again. But THAT'S not even the most disturbing part. Are you ready? Here it comes... I KNOW for a FACT that some of my things were USED!!! First, the obvious - my vacuum cleaner. The brush was LOADED with hair - and it wasn't mine! Being Type A, I would NEVER ship my vacuum cleaner in such condition. Further, the poor motor sounds like it's been beat to hell. Whoever used it must have been vacuuming an entire motel every day for the entire time it was in "storage" Next is the stool that goes with my vanity... the seat cushion was down to one little screw keeping it attached to the base. When the movers collected it in Dec, it was firmly intact. It has a cloth cover and I shudder to think of whose bare buns graced its surface for roughly 270 days. Needless to say I have a recovering project in progress... Last thing: instead of cardboard boxes, I packed most of my things in large "rubbermaid" bins, and taped the lids down. The tape was broken on almost every one of those bins. Normally I would chalk that up to movers grabbing them where they're taped and it naturally breaking there. But given this experience, I am convinced that someone(s) [I know that's not really a work but you get the idea] anyway, someone(s) went looking through AT LEAST SOME of my bins to see what household additions they might find. I have no idea what else was taken, and it sickens me to know there are people out there who think this is OK. I'm talking to you Maria Reyes. But hey, I'm healthy, I'm happy, and I believe in karma :-)