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About Us

Mover Reviews is a site dedicated to providing reviews and information on moving related services that allows users to find a quality mover.

Every week companies are busted by local, state and federal governments for running moving scams. Many directories found on the web do nothing to protect YOU the customer. They only care about the advertising money they pull in.

Articles on Moving Scams
  • Movers Found Guilty of Extortion - Associated Press - May 10, 2003
  • Beware of Illegal Movers - Komo News 4 - May 15, 2003
  • Picking the Right Moving Company - KXAN 36 - May 5, 2003

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    The ads on our site are supplied by Google and we have little control over which companies are presented in them. For this reason you should research each of the companies before choosing an mover that shows up in these ads. No recommendation or preference is shown and you use the companies that are shown in the advertisements at your own risk. We do however ask that you make sure to come post a review after your transaction is completed.

    It is our hopes to use the revenues generated by these ads to assist with:
    1. Legal Fees - Many movers don't like the idea of our service and several have threatened legal action.

    2. Advertising - Right now the only way visitors find our site is if they get lucky enough to find us on a search engine or they are referred to our site by a friend. Many reviewers write, "I wish I would have found this site before I used..." In an attempt to reach people before it is too late we hope to start to advertise and get the word out about Auto-Transport-Reviews.

    3. Site Operation - As with any website there are many costs; hosting, graphic design, programming as well as user support costs. As with all of Valley Solutions' profit generating projects (which is not one of) we are always pursuing improvement and quality. This pursuit adds to the cost of creating and managing