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Terrible moving company! Run the other way!

Submitted this review about 7 crowns moving system
Review made Live: 7/4/2010 4:17:00 PM
This company is terrible! First they gave me a low quote and then on the day that they came to get my stuff (which was a day later than arranged) they upped my price by almost 600 dollars! They claimed that my stuff had taken up more room on the truck than they had anticipated. The original quote was $1,1000 and then changed to $1,800.... this was after they had taken an itemized list of all my belongings. They were supposed to deliver my stuff in one week down south. I called them every day waiting to hear a delievery date and time and every time I called I got the same person who was very rude and kept changing his answers. First it was the truck was leaving today, then it was the next day and then the next day etc. The man I spoke to said there was no other person I could speak to and that he was one of the managers. It was a total joke. They were so sketchy I never knew if or when I was going to get my stuff. Finally it arrived 3 days late and a lot of my stuff was damaged. A whole set of my wine glasses was broken and when I called to complain they said that if I packed the box then they were not liable for broken items. I packed the box and labeled it with fragile stickers on each side. When the movers brought up the boxes all of the sides were caving in and the fragile boxes were being crushed on the bottom of 4 other boxes! But it somehow is my fault they were broken? they damaged my coffee table and my desk has two huge holes on the side and is unusable now. Overall they were a terrible company and I warn anyone against using them!