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Review made Live: 8/28/2012 2:01:00 PM
We chose to go with them after several people had told us how utterly professional and fantastic they were.Even after being quoted with the help of two movers at $99 an hr. for a move literally across the street, we still agreed. What we got were too young men that were a half an hr. late (with no call) that cursed under their breath while moving,one of which was covered in jail tattoos. They broke the handle off our refrigerator because they had brought it into the wrong room and did not want to have to go back down the path to re-position it so they FORCED it through a small doorway!!! They spent 15 minutes searching for paperwork,all on OUR dime as they're paid by the hour and almost 40 minutes trying to place the fridge appropriately!! We're paying $99 dollars for you to fix your mistakes??? At this point they'd not finished moving nearly what we needed moving and been here for 2 1/2 hr.s. They told us they were leaving,they'd only quoted us for 2 1/2 hr.s and would ONLY stay for that amount of time!!! After cursing and fighting they up and left,with no word or papers signed,just left! 10 minutes later they drove back and told us they would "cut us a deal" and charge us half price for their time!! We told them that we were STILL willing to pay FULL price for their time if only they would kindly finish the job for us. We still had things to be moved and were being left in a major lurch.The main man said,"I will not touch another box", "are you going to pay us or not?" We informed them that until they fixed our refrigerator or finished with the moved they'd signed up to help with we would not be paying. They left with a series of loud profanities. The NEXT day,our house was very badly burglarized,the back door frame busted in,the kitchen window smashed through. We've lived in this house,in this neighborhood,for EIGHTEEN years and never before been burglarized. SERIOUSLY?! I know it's common to be broken into when moving,but the fact that they were SO angry,SO crude AND the head of the company NEVER contacted us about our lack of payment. Occam's razor tells me these post jail birds destroyed our home in rage. Thus I say, BEWARE!!!!