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Review made Live: 9/22/2014 12:03:00 AM
As a disabled senior, with a life threatening illness, Tim Gordon, Owner of A BETTER WAY TO MOVE, learning of my circumstance informed me, “Well, you probably don’t need most of what we have.” It has now been twenty-six months since my possessions were allegedly moved into storage vaults at the company's facility in South Los Angeles. The bill most recently offered by the company has reached over $14,000.00! This bill escalates $580.00 monthly. They will not provide any inventory information or pictures, contrary to state law. I have paid a total of $4,369.00 in storage fees, (in addition to a moving bill of over $2,300.00) and have been given only part of a bed, and three pieces of broken artwork. Mr. Gordon told me, "My business has little capital and every penny counts.and my business must come first." I believe that many of my possessions were removed and sold in anticipation of my being deceased soon. Considering my medical expenses, seeking legal counsel with fee estimates exceeding $10,000.00, was out of the question; a fact discussed with Mr. Gordon. I promise you, if your property has above average value, you risk never seeing it again. My decision to use A BETTER WAY TO MOVE was based on the information provided in reviews submitted by former clients. Unfortunately, that decision has proved devastating. I cannot dispute the validity of those reviews, but can attest to A BETTER WAY TO MOVE as being a dishonest company. My intent this is that you will seriously consider not using this company, and avoid what has become a nightmare for me and my family. Shame on A BETTER WAY TO MOVE.