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We used the company to load the truck only

Submitted this review about A-Class Student Movers
Review made Live: 7/1/2012 12:18:00 PM
For anyone preparing to move and looking for a company to load your moving truck, I’m sorry, I don’t have anyone to suggest. I might, however, still have some information that may help you: a company you should not use. Let me emphasize: you should never, under any circumstances, consider using this company. A-Class Student Movers in Shreveport, LA. The workers were not rude. (I figure I need to give them the only credit I can think of.) When I booked the company over the phone, he (I was told later this was “Roy”) estimated a moving time of 2 hours - stating that “rarely ever does it take over two hours,” after I told him the size of our house. I also asked him if their company would have plastic wrap for the furniture and rope. He told me the company would have the wrap, so I bought rope and rented furniture pads. On the day of the loading, the workers showed up on time (ok, there’s a second positive), but the “boss” (Eric) left to go buy the plastic wrap. While the boss was gone, the two loaders spent the first 30 minutes trying to figure out where I should sign the paperwork. Eric actually tried to include those first 30 minutes in the charged time. Then Eric returns with the plastic wrap - which he then decides to tell me he’s charging me extra for the plastic wrap. He did, however, tell me he was only charging me what it costs them, therefore I was buying the plastic wrap - before trying to take the leftover wrap with them after the job was (almost) done. Forty (actual work) minutes into the job, my wife and I noticed that not a single box or piece of furniture was loaded. They were still wrapping our furniture. At that point, my wife and I decided to finish the wrapping. After we had already moved 15-20 boxes to the truck to help them out. One hour and 50 minutes into the job (10 minutes shy of the estimated 2 hours) the truck was less than half-loaded. At this point, I called the company and spoke to Franklin, who gave no answers to the problem, only excuses: “it’s just an estimate,” “we’ve estimated jobs at 8 hours and it’s taken 2 days,” “well, I don’t know what to tell you.” He then had Eric call me who gave more excuses: “we’re used to moving from apartments,” “we’re used to using furniture pads instead of wrapping everything.” Somehow he missed the furniture pads that the loaders had to move out of the way to get on the truck and didn’t realize that my wife and I wrapped half the furniture ourselves. Eric’s idea of helping us out for the inconvenience was only charging for 3 hours “no matter how long it takes to finish loading the truck.” That would’ve been acceptable had they actually finished loading the truck. To save time (i.e., cut corners) they basically just started putting stuff on the truck without any thought or planning. When they were done and gone, I noticed there were still quite a few boxes in the garage and furniture in the bedroom (which they knew about) and plenty of room in the back of the truck for what they didn’t load. When we arrived at our destination and opened the door, we realized our boxes pretty much flown all over the truck. I bet that wouldn’t have happened had they actually used the rope I bought to tie our things down. I called Franklin back for some answers. He was less than helpful. He actually was less than remorseful that his company had done such a poor job. He told me twice he would call me back once he talked to Eric to get his side of the story. He never called back (I bet you couldn’t have guessed that). He told me that Eric (lied) told him that everything was tied down properly and all furniture was covered with furniture pads. He ended our conversation by saying their responsibility for our goods ended when the door closed. That’s it. No “well what can I do to help.” No “I’m sorry this happened this way.” Just “you can file a claim, but I’m sure our insurance will deny it.” So the bottom line is, if you’re planning to use a moving company or some people to load your truck, you’re better off using a giant sling shot to hurl your stuff onto the truck. It would be cheaper and quicker and lead to no more property damage than A-Class Student Movers caused.