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Movers caught Shooting Drugs on job!!!

Submitted this review about A+ DOLLAR MOVERS, LLC
Review made Live: 7/31/2015 12:24:00 PM
Movers arrived on time for my move... No big deal...While they were getting set up to move my things one of the movers asked to use the bathroom claiming that he "got something in his eye" and just wanted to "splash some water on his face"., to which I replied, " sure no problem"...After about 15 min in the bathroom with no water running we started to wonder, hey, what's this guy doing???... My husband peeped under the bathroom door to witness THE MOVER SHOOTING DRUGS INTO HIS FOOT!!!!!!!! We went to the lead guy Zack to report the incident... They said they fired the guy, ( after he got high in my bathroom)!!!!!...and said they would knock 100$ off the price which we thought was unsatisfactory considering they added 290.00 to the estimate...AND my child was in the house!!!!! We called the owner Jim or Henry to report the incident... And whoever it was who called me back stated " My husband and I are the criminals because dude had a right to privacy and we shouldn't have been peeping on him, and he is going to defend his employees for their right to privacy "... At this point I lost it.... And of course the person I was speaking to refused to give his name..AND THEN THEY LEFT WITHOUT DOING THE MOVE!!!! I had to scramble to secure another moving company at the last minute!!!..DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! They have junkies, getting high on the job in their employ....You DO NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOME HANDLING YOUR BELONGINGS AND VALUABLES!!!!! And A + Dollar Movers will defend and condone the criminal behavior.....I will also report this to the Consumer Protection Agency and lodging a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the state of Maryland...