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Submitted this review about A Plus Family Movers
Review made Live: 5/25/2009 12:15:00 PM
I chose A Plus Family Movers because they were close to my current residence and offered a great deal. It was between them and another company that was more expensive but the customer service was fantastic. I should've gone with the other company who guarenteed that they would show up on time and when scheduled. I figured how often would that happen, these are professionals, they have back up plans should god forbid a truck not work or an employee call out sick. The customer representative I received was John Nixon. My first impression was that he was a little short or impatient on the phone but nothing too bad. He sent over an estimate that had many mistakes on it. Of the incorrect information was my name and my contact phone numbers. I fixed each of those mistakes prior to signing and mailing back with my $100 deposit check. I set my appointment well over a month in advance to ensure that I will get my moving date. As the time to move got closer I received a call from John Nixon confirming the time my movers would be there to take my belongings to my new residence. It was unfortunate timing that my Aunt passed away the Thursday before my move (I was to move on a Monday). My family purposely scheduled her viewings and funeral around my move so I could be in attendance. Monday morning comes along and the movers are expected between 8 AM and 10 AM. At 10:15 I call John Nixon asking where his movers are. His response was didn't you get my message? I called to let you know they can't make it this morning and will have to come sometime between 2 and 4 in the afternoon. I had not gotten the message because he had called my work phone. I asked him why he would call my work phone when I would have to be at home waiting for his men to move my stuff? After much back and forth he finally apologized for the over sight of not trying all the numbers he had for me on file. He was extremely rude and inconsiderate of the situation. I explained to him my situation and how it was impossible and unacceptable and the only thing he could offer was to reschedule which was not an option as I had to be out. Luckily my fiance's Mother offered to wait with the movers with him so he could get them started and make it to the second viewing while she helped them finish moving our stuff. He called to make sure they were still coming by 4 later in the day and was informed that now they weren't going to make it until around 6 at the earliest and was again rude and would not take ownership of the poor management of situation. With the time moved further back, his Step Dad, now home from work and over an hour away drove down to assist his mother with moving the apartment so my fiance could make it to the second viewing. With his step father at the apartment and he was ready to leave he called to confirm their coming around 6 and was told that they were not going to make it that day and would have to come first thing the following morning. So not only did they break their contract by not showing up on the assigned day, show poor management and terrible customer service, they are now making us wait another day to move our stuff and figure out with the apartment management if we can keep our stuff there one more day, where we were going to sleep and get ready for the funeral the next day and how we were going to work it around the funeral. I told John Nixon that it would have to be in the afternoon and his reply was well I guess we'll have to accommodate you. I made him come as close as he was willing to guarentee that they will show up between the designated time of 2 and 4 pm. I also wanted to speak to a supervisor and felt that we deserved to receive a further discount due to the breach in contract. I was denied a further discount and finally given a name and number for his supervisor but each time I tried to reach the supervisor she wasn't in the office and John answered the phone. The following day my fiance left the funeral early to make sure he was available should the movers actually come on time at 2 pm. He tried calling John Nixon countless times to confirm but no one at the company would answer the phone. Finally I leave my family to call and see what was going on and called from my parents home phone and John answers. I ask him to confirm and then ask to speak to his supervisor and he claimed he was the only one in the office that day so I couldn't. He confirmed that the working orders had been sent out and they will be coming. At 4 pm the movers still had not arrived and I called John again. Exasperated he called his movers and said that they had gotten lost. Mind you, their office is located in Bensalem, a mere 10 minutes or so from my apartment complex in Bensalem and they got lost. Finally the movers show up at 4:15. The movers themselves were the only decent thing about the company. At first glance you might not have thought so, but they were polite, efficient, worked fast and hard and did very minimal damage. I was finally moved into my new home over 24 hours late. Barring the death in the family this move would have costed my fiance and me another day's pay to take time off to get moved. The grief and distress that this company gave me and my family was ridiculous. Pay the extra money and go somewhere else.