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Dishonest / cunning / cheat people

Submitted this review about A professinal Movers
Review made Live: 12/1/2009 12:35:00 PM
We set up professional movers to move between a 2 mile distance. We called their sales office and asked them that we are moving a studio/1bed apartment XXXand needed a mover. Mat was the supervisor who came to our apartment - and he saw the furniture - it was not much. He said that we may need 3 hours at the rate of 80$ a hour.We had spoken to a sales person on the phone before who had commented that when the supervisor comes to the apartment he will give us discounts based on the furniture and it did not happen. So we settled for 3 hours - 80$ per hour. They never told us that we cant pay by credit card and there is a 3.5% charge if we do so. This was one of the least of our problems we realized. We went withdrew money. They then came in at 11.30 am.. started moving - loaded all the furniture - etc and he then gives a new estimate. The estimate was like this : Man hours : 80$ * 5 hours = 400$ ( whereas the entire loading was over in 1 hour 15 min). His estimate was 5 hours .. which did not make sense.. Materials used : 276$ ( no clue - they used cardboard boxes even when there was not a need XXX25$ per box! which is ridiculous XXX15 tapes ( which was a lie) XXX15 * 3$ etc.. and added up things like this to get 276$. Elevator building so he charged 250$ ... saying that we need to pay if there us elevator XXXbecause his people may get hurt in the elevator. The total came to 926$ which never made sense. They gave a estimate of 240$ on phone XXXand fleeced us with 926$. This was 4 times the cost XXXwe called the office and Mat made us speak to his junior who reported to him XXXhe had loaded all our stuff into the truck and we were in a catch 22 situation .. we told him that we dont want to use the services if it is 926$ and told him to unload XXXhe said that would mean a charge of 250$ for cancellation and 275$ for using materials. He did not use any materials that were not unreusable XXXhe charged 35$ per blanket / cloth that he used to tie our furniture with.. THEY ARE CHEATS - UNPROFESSIONAL ( UNLIKE THEIR NAME) AND THEY ARE DISHONEST.. PLEASE PLEASE DONT USE THEM - THEY WILL BREAK YOUR BANK.