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Submitted this review about A Team Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 7/12/2015 11:55:00 PM
NIGHTMARE THAT WILL NEVER END: My husband and I decided to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio early this year. As soon as we bought a house we decided to call around and find a suitable moving company (in APRIL 2015). A Team was NOT the cheapest but not the most expensive. The things that would be in their care were all the things we hold dear to us, possession wise, so we decided to not cheap out and go with them. Kyle Langford was the person I spoke with from the beginning. He seemed to know everything he was doing, he seemed confident. It was comforting. Little did I know the hell storm I was signing up for. Kyle assured me he would be the person I would deal with before, during and after my move. I sent in my deposit for our belongings to be picked up on July 4th 2015. We were not expected to close on our house or move to cleveland until July 12th but Kyle told me that letting them get my stuff early basically guaranteed that my things would come in on the 12th since they need time to drive it out there. PERFECT, so I thought. Some changes came up and I called and requested a change in my moving date, to have my things picked up May 27th because we would be leaving early. Kyle said that wasnt a problem at all and we scheduled it for May 27th 2015 between 3-7pm. He said if I had any issues to call or email him. May 27th rolls around and from 2-8 I sat around waiting and waiting all day for movers. at 6 I recieved a phone call from the mover guy telling me they would be another half hour at their other job, but that he would call when he was 15 minutes out. I figured that was fine. 7 rolled around still, nothing. Finally around 7:15 I get a call from Jasmine from A Team moving and she tells me that the movers are going to be another 3 hours AT LEAST at their current job and they can either come out as soon as they are done there or they can come tomorrow morning. We were scheduled to start our drive to Cleveland on the 28th so I told her if they could be there first thing in the morning I could do that. She said "They will be there at 7am --legally I have to tell you between 7-8 because of traffic and stuff but that should be an issue they will be there". So the next morning Im up at 6 cleaning and waiting for my 15 minute 'almost there' call and it never comes. I finally get a call at 7:30 from the mover guy that they are JUST NOW leaving the office in PLANO XXXwhich is a good hour from where I lived (without dallas rush hour traffic). Mind you, they were supposed to be there at 7 and the move should have only taken 2 hours tops. We used another moving company 2 months before to move from different apartments and with the same amount of boxes and 3 guys they loaded everything from one apt to the other in 2.5 hours. We were supposed to get on the road at 8ish. FINALLY A Team shows up at around 8:30. it takes them until 2PM to load all of my stuff (which was no big furniture, just 50 boxes, a disassembled table, 6 chairs, a washer and dryer oh and a cat tree). Fast forward to July 12th I call and call and Kyle wont return my calls or my emails. They wouldnt even put me to his voice mail. I had to ETA on my belongings at all. Finally after calling almost every freaking day i get a date July 24th. I get most of my stuff (headboard for my bed is still missing, still trying to get them to call me back on that one). They were supposed to reassemble my table and they didnt. THAT was fun. My dining room table was all scratched up, boxes labeled 'fragile' were so banged up that one fell apart in my hands. MANY glasses broken. My large tv stand backboards are broken and my very expensive memory foam mattress is ripped. Save yourself the headache and PLEASE don't go with A Team. You'll be SO thankful you chose someone else.