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Multiple moving missing n broken

Submitted this review about A Team Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 10/2/2015 2:39:00 PM
Good things: Original price James was smooth an knowledgable Showed on time for pack up Promises to dis assemble an reassemble Packed all items nicely 2of 3 movers acted quickly an professional Received calls 24 hrs prior to delivery Got a call an hour prior Bad things: Prices went up Nobody knew when it would arrive in Florida (21 days) James didn't know anything an did pass me on to mgrs. Jazmine Truck arrives in evening Drivers tired and had breakdown prior but long day Complained about job pay, hours and poorly wrapped, broken and loaded items....their own company handled. Company Not something a customer wants to hear and mostly since your life's belongings are on that truck Drivers do not re assemble as they state, "I don't know why they tell people we re assemble, we don't carry tools" lost some hardware to allow me to reassemble Told spouse to do the inventory, they don't have time Complained about managers and company ITEMS I PAID AND WITTNESSED BEING PACKED AND LOADED, ARRIVED UNWRAPPED, SCRATCHED OR BROKEN Items on the truck were mixed with another customer items. Did not receive all my items. Later in the next week, after multiple calls for guidance on my items, received a call that a truck was coming with my other items Got a call from a contract carrier (not A team) says he has a drop off of my items. Asked if his 53ft truck could get it my complex an gave me his arrival time. After he got lost, called me back for directions, requested help getting in. I met him on the street in front of my place and he complained after seeing where he needed to park to offload. Stated he didn't care what he had on his truck, just wants to get done. After an ugly short reply, he stated he would either offload IN THE STREET or go offload someplace else and I would have to finish. WTH I HELPED OFFLOAD MY BELONGS in the side of a busy street at 8 am Items to be offloaded were thrown in and broken and when asked why he even came since it all is broken, he replied he was lied to by company and told he would drop it as he went thru. Broken: Solid metal patio chairs an table.. Hope does one break a metal patio set almost in half without hitting it with a truck? Contracts manager calls me after I complain on the vendors services, then puts me on a 3 what call with the driver to try to clarify why the driver told me -A team lied to him, under paid him and took him out of his way to deliver. How would I know this if he didn't say it? POSITIVE, JAZIMINE handled my complaint properly.. Filing claims and still waiting on claims payment. Still have not received all my items...2 months later I give them a 2, because the load up was pretty good...I give them a zero on the delivery I would pass on this company and now in the back of my mind..I won't used any coming with an A. TEAM, A-1 or A anything in their name for owing, plumbing, car dealers, baby sitters