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Submitted this review about A-Topps Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 6/16/2010 10:25:00 AM
I found this website after I googled for the A-Topps website and definetly had to post a review. This is the same text that I am submitting to several legal authorities: List of complaints against A Topp’s Moving services provided to Sean Lemoine on 05/28/2010 Minor: 1. Stated via email by sales associate that expected arrival time should be between 8 – 9 am. At 8:50 called their main number and was then told that they should be there between 9 – 9:30 am. A Topp’s movers arrived at the door at 10:10 am. Was told by moving foreman that one of the movers had overslept. Building allowed 3 hr block use of elevators. We reserved from 9 – 12 and was told by sales associate they would most likely arrive around 8 am, and that the 3 hrs should be plenty of time. Almost half of reserved elevator time was wasted and movers had to wait for regular elevator, further delaying there move. 2. When confirmed reservation of movers over the phone with sales associate, did not receive any email confirmation for associate even though stated we would. No instructions were provided for move. Once movers arrived in the apartment, we where when then notified that they would not move boxes with liquids and that ALL items had to be packed in boxes, this included items in chest of drawers, i.e. drawers would not be carried individual, or chest would not be carried as one unit with items in drawers. 3. Drivers took 2 hrs to get from previous apt. to new apt., where as it took us 30 mins. driving at local road speed limits. Was informed after I called movers to question where there location was, that they had been pulled over and given a ticket for not fastening their seat belts and had also taken a route that completely circumvented the easiest route, i.e. they did not take the direct route, rather went completely outside and around the main route. This time was not deducted from the bill. Major: 1. When returned to previous apt. to prepare for property management walk through, discovered an entire closet full of items had not been moved. Items included, two 3 piece chest of drawers, 3 medium suitcases, 4 large wardrobe boxes. When called A Topp’s to notify of the above, owner stated that I had signed bill of landing at the new apt. and they were not responsible. Owner then stated that I should have stayed at previous apt. to confirm that movers moved all items. Owner then stated that to get movers back out he would have to create a new move request, minimum cost $357. To say the least owner was not courteous during the entire conversation, and actually stated to the sales associate who was trying to see if he could resolve the situation, to stop answering my call. 2. Movers stated that items packed by us were not insured by them, but any items packed or moved by them would be. Several items were packed or transported by their hands, and were damaged in transit. A Topp’s has been notified of these damages, but has yet to respond. 3. Estimated cost of move was given at $500. Actual cost of move was $1203. This was due in large part to boxes which totaled over $400 and length of time it took movers to move, 8hrs. 95% of items had been already boxed. Only items that were boxed were clothing and misc. items in drawers, a couple of wall hanging, stereo and speaker, and T.V. After comparison with company website regarding cost of boxes, noted difference in cost listed on website and bill. More expensesive bill was noted. Also, noted miscount of boxes charged. Was charged several more boxes than used. At no point during the move was I notified of charges going over estimate or boxes exceeding a certain amount. Only time I was notified of excessive costs was once movers arrived at new apt. and bill was then begun to be tallied. When I stated that I had $400 cash for the rest of the estimate, I was then told “Oh, it’s definitely going to be more than that.” Summary: A Topp’s moving company was the first moving company that I’ve hired and it will be the last time I will ever use them. Their incompetence and lack of acceptance for mistakes goes beyond annoyance to criminal. From movers being two and a half hours late, to being charged over double estimate costs due to 3 movers taking an entire business day (8hrs) to move a 700sq ft. one bedroom with 95% of items already packed and moved into a spacious central easy access room, as well as building with large halls and reserved freight elevator is absurd. On top of all of that, they did not complete the move as they left an entire walk in closet full, as well as misc. items in closets and in the kitchen, which were not agreed to be left behind. When notified of this, Topp’s literally stated, “It’s not our problem.” I highly recommend against using this company as they are unprofessional and your clichéd scam moving company that will definitely rip you off without any hesitation.