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Beware of AAA's Trucks - Total Scam

Submitted this review about AAA Movers Inc. NJ
Review made Live: 5/15/2010 8:08:00 PM
Can you say awful! This was to be my first cross country move. My fiancee and I had roughly 200-250 square feet of stuff. We had received a quote for 340 square feet, but they said it was a flat rate per cubic foot and that as long as we had over the minimum 200 cubic feet, we would get the same rate. Moving day came. They showed up on time. They we're fairly nice, though a little unprofessional. But they showed us the truck and the lines inside that they said marked off every 100 cu. ft. It hardly looked like 100 cu. ft., but we are not super spatially inclined, so we acquiesced. They began loading all of our stuff and did a pretty good job loading it tightly. We only had one incident where they dropped a number of my boxes. Once it was loaded and they were totaling everything up, suddenly they changed from saying the lines inside the truck marked off 100 cu. ft. to saying that the lines marked off 350 cu. ft.. What!?! How do you go from 100 cu. ft. to 350 cu. ft. We were outraged, especially since we had measured our boxes before hand and had a rough estimate of how many cubic feet we should have. We asked if we could measure and went and got a tape measure. Sure enough the lines in the truck marked off 7.75 ft x 1.5 x 10 (a little over 100 cu ft). The foreman called his dispatcher when we pointed out the discrepancy. The dispatcher was insistent that the lines were 350 cu. ft. and refused to talk to us. We had the truck and tape measure right in front of us and would have had to be blind to believe them. The foreman wouldn't even measure it himself or look at the measuring tape when we did. He played dumb, but it was like he knew the whole thing was a scam. They gave us the final quote for 400 cu. ft. (when we only had 200)! We said no way! XXXthat those measurements were incorrect. We were still willing to negotiate if they were willing to measure it out, but they just began unloading our stuff onto the curb and said we would have to move it all back inside ourselves. My fiancee called the company again, in one last desperate effort and this time reached the dispatcher, apparently the man in charge. He hung up on us after about a minute of politely trying to talk about the measurements. We had to spend the afternoon moving all of our stuff back inside. It was a nightmare. Never ever use this company. If you get a quote based on the cubic feet, know that their idea of a cubic foot is whatever they say it is XXXsometimes triple what your standardized tape measure will plainly tell you! Truly an awful experience!