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Review made Live: 9/2/2010 2:50:00 PM
This was a simple move from one apt to another in the DFW metroplex. We hired a 2 man crew. We got one guy who worked (and his girlfriend) and the other guy who faught (with his girlfriend) the entire time. Point of this story is the stories shared with the one girlfriend represented nothing but drug issues and irresponsibility - CPS, abuse, etc. The fact that the two girlfriends even showed up was unexcusable. We were moving from a 2 bdrm apt to a 2bdrm apt. They showed up an hour and 1/2 LATE (after 2 phone calls) due to the fact that the one couple was arguing and they showed up in a HUGE semi truck. The mover (who was not the driver) had to back the thing out of the small apt. complex parking lot. The two man crew which was only one mover cost us more time and more money. The huge thing about this is that I had submitted negative reviews about these folks and this company. I received a phone call from the office girl - JODY - who called me to express her discontentment with the reviews That same day our apartment was ROBBED. The only two sets of folks who knew where we lived - only 2 weeks after we moved - were the MOVERS and my parents. I want to WARN everyone - if you live in the DFW metroplex and find your family, home and well beings important, DO NOT USE AARON MOVERS. We have the police department, two eye witnesses, and the crime scene investigators working this case. I have NO DOUBT in my mind! I have never before had this kind of unprofessional moving ever! I have never been robbed until now. It cost us $380 for this move and in the end, lost time, sleep, personal belongings and property. Still, the moving company does not offer any apologies or negotiations to make this right. I hope the cops will!