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Aaronson Van Lines expensive moving company fails to deliver

Submitted this review about Aaronson Van Lines
Review made Live: 6/30/2015 8:40:00 AM
Move from NH to CA I selected Aaronson VanLines which turned out to be a huge mistake. Avoid Aaronson is how I start and end my story. Aaronson is broker moving company. Brokers don’t own and operate their own trucks they contract the work to a company that does. Aaronson informed me they search their fleet of movers with my moving time frame using only highly rated movers, worth the added premium right? Not exactly for multiple reasons: 1. Not sure what they meant by “highly rated”, because the moving company that showed up the day of pickup was Precision moving and storage of NY and has a F with better business bureau. This mover turned out to be terrible too. Random charges on my credit card they wouldn't respond to, 40 days to complete the move, several damaged and missing items. 2: Aaronson searching the fleet of movers for the best possible time frame. On the phone, "we can do that". Then looking at the contract the ETA will be much different than the phone. The move took 40 days, 2 weeks longer than the longest date provided in the paper contract ETA. 3. The phone conversation implied the move is done by weight and my items was grossly over estimated. I was informed I would be given a DOT certified receipt of the weight of my items and a credit returned if the items was less. No such receipt was provided, certainly no credit, just the opposite. 4. Aaronson said they would be with me every step of the way, but when the ETA of May 23 came and went. Nobody called to update me. I reached out and it took 3 days before they got back to me. They could not tell me what state my stuff was in. 5. Aaronson called me 6pm the night before pickup saying movers would be at my house at 9am. 6 days earlier than planned. Small boxes is all I could find, turns out this adds $200.53 to the bill. This is probably what Aaronson meant by every step of the way, ready to run my credit card. When I was considering another lower cost mover, Aaronson told me you will be hit up with all sorts of extra charges on delivery. Sad, Aaronson did it to me anyway. Avoid Aaronson The Aaronson quote was the highest of the movers I researched on top of which was 30% more than Aaronson originally quoted. Just what service did I pay more for? Its like a pizza being delivered. Imagine the price on the phone goes up on delivery? Only to find out its late, cold and a slice missing? No pizza (or food) company would be in business with such customer service. Perhaps maybe if the meal was on the house. Same should apply to the moving business, but not in my case. Aaronson was warned of my review, but had no interest in refunding some of these charges. So buyer/mover beware. Avoid being taken for a ride, you must always avoid Aaronson and pass on Precision.