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Changing Pricing on Binding Estimate--Exactly Did What They Said They Didn't do!!

Submitted this review about Abaco Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 5/28/2008 9:32:00 PM
have used movers in the past and I have always tried to check them out but unfortantely this company is another bad moving company. After getting several bids for a mover, they were in the mid-to high range so I thought it was safe pick. I went over my items very carefully and I was told the bid would not change and they were not a company that gets there and starts uping prices and adding additional charges at every turn. Well, that was exactly the case. I was told that my boxes were not medium--they were large. On my inventory list-I had 10 large boxes, 30 medium and 10 small boxes, according to Abaco, my meidum boxes were low and heavy on the large boxes. I was never told this in my orginial estimate. They wanted to charge me another $500 and not to mention, the way there were handling the situation, I lost all trust and confidence in their abilities. My stuff was loaded on to another ticket and then it would loaded on to another truck from there. They gave no assurance that my belongings would be handled carefully and basically told me all my nice furniture was at risk--since it wasn't shrink wrapped. Anyhow-I have moved all over the US for my job and never experienced such a screwed up company. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I can. Please beware. If you go on their website, they do everything that they claim don't do!! Following the same practices as rip-off movers, check out their website. They contradict everything they stand for. When I spoke to the operations manager, his quote was "This is America, You Can Do Whatever You Want." -Meaning I had the write to protest it, I guess. I mean what is the point of having somebody give you a binding, so they say contract, when they get there and just change the pricing. The lack of professionalism was unbelieveable. I am disputing my deposit with my credit card company and will not pay their deposit, when they voided and null the contract when they began uping the price by $500. Abaco Moving & Storage Inc. 6172 Bollinger Rd #304 San Jose California 95129 Tschuetz West Hollywood, California U.S.A.