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Submitted this review about Ace Movers and Storage (Belkins)
Review made Live: 8/9/2007 3:10:00 PM
My contract was to move between 7/18-7/19 and pick up my stuff in storage which I was assured would be no problem. The movers arrived on 7/19 about 2 hours late. They proceeded to load all my stuff (with a few mishaps like my dresser drawers opening and my underwear being scattered all over the truck). They realized they didn’t have enough room on the truck for all my stuff and asked if they could come back early on Saturday. Mind you, the closing on the house was on Friday and the new owners would be living there when they came back. I was told it was OK by the new owners, as long as they came at 9am as promised on Saturday because their stuff was being moved in. We then went to the storage unit around 5pm Thursday evening but was told they could not get the truck in there to pick up my stuff. Ed, the driver said he would pick it up for me on the side sometime down the road and it would be our little secret and all I would have to do is take him out to dinner. Since that’s not happening, I need to make other arrangements to get my stuff out of storage and moved to Texas. Saturday, 9am came and went and no movers. They didn’t show up until 5:30pm to pick up the rest of my stuff. The new homeowners were not happy and neither was I. I was then promised that my delivery date would be between 7/28-7/31. Ed, the driver said it would be on 7/31. I found out late morning on 7/31 when my brother and his girlfriend both took off from work to be there that they were not going to make it that day. The website said 7/31 as well. He told me he would not be able to show up until Saturday, 8/4, which he PROMISED he would be there. I find out Friday night that he’s not going to make it after all but will come on Sunday, 8/5. Sunday when my brother called to arrange it, Ed said, oh, I need to find someone to come help me. Finally, Larry, Moe and Curly showed up around 5:30pm, took many breaks and got done by 11:00pm. We spent 15 minutes cleaning up their garbage, including 2 beer cans that they left in my front yard. Below are a list of items that were damaged or missing: · Table lamp, socket destroyed · Floor lamp, socket destroyed · They dropped a 27” TV, still works but is scratched up · 7-in-1 game dropped but in working condition · Missing grey framed mirror · Missing brace to hold the lawn mower handle · Missing 6’ ladder I have not been able to go through my boxes yet so I don't know what is missing or damaged.