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worst movers on earth

Submitted this review about A.G. movers
Review made Live: 4/25/2015 3:18:00 AM
I used this moving company for a move on 4/29/14 and to say it was a total horror wld be a total understatement!! I only used them because I used a company called Whitehouse movers on two separate occasions and everything went fine. when I dialed the number on an old receipt I had for Whitehouse movers i got this company and was advised that they now owned whitehouse movers. I figured I would go with them because I had a simple 1 bedroom move from flushing to dwn/twn BK and they provided a decent quote. I had a scheduled move-in time with my building of 6pm-8pm which I made the moving company aware of. They said, no problem and gave me a scheduled pu time of btw 3-pm and said they wld provide 3 moving men (prior to receiving a quote, I made them aware of all the items that needed to be moved and that there was a 3 cushion sofa and computer desk that needed to go the basement,they said no problem). well at 4pm on 4/29/14, the dispatcher called me and advised that the movers were running behind schedule but would arrive in about 15 mins. They did not show up until 5:05pm. They sent me the 3 stooges who moved together as one unit(I think this was done on purpose so that the move would take 5hrs which is what my quote was based on) . I told the movers and showed them the sofa and desk that needed to go to the basement...they said "no problem".. even though they arrived late and i advised them at one point my building manager advised that i needed to rap up my move the elevator was needed for another move. at one point i saw all three of them standing at the vending machine eating and laughing(what proffesional movers all take a break at the same time?) To make a long story short....they showed up at 5:05pm and by 9:15pm they had still not arrived at the drop off location in dwn/twn BK. the blding i was moving too shut dwn the service elevator and would not allow me to move in. the moving company said they were booked up for the next day and cld not deliver my stuff until 5/1/14, but wanted to charge me an additional $500(since they had all my belongings I had no choice but too pay it). The next day, I decided to go back to my old apartment to ensure that they had moved the sofa and desk(the apt needed to be empty or i would not get my security deposit back). they had removed the sofa but left sofa cushions and the desk which the top of the desk had been separated from the rest of the desk. I paid one of the maintenance men $20. 10 minutes later he came back with a dolly n broke the desk down and removed it (took him all of less than 3 minutes). when I called to inquire why these items had not been moved the office manager, Lisa said she would get back to me....she called me the next day and proceeded to yell at me that the desk contained mold and that a desk had blood stains on it....when I asked why this was the 1st I was hearing of this...I did not get an answer...she said the movers took pictures and I asked her to send them to me...I am still waiting. each time i spoke to this horrible unproffesional women she had a nasty attitude and kept telling me that if it were not for me being a repeat customer they would not do this job(forget that i was paying them $1k for a move that they totally screwed up). I was advise that my movers would arrive at 5pm on 5/1/14. they did not show up until 530pm. One of them had a chip on his shoulder and a very bad attitude. They just dumped all my belongings in the living room, they dumped my queen size mattress in the bedroom but did not reassemble my bed, there were boxes that contained water damage, the speaker screen on 55 inch TV was removed from my TV, there was a desk that taken in good condition with 4 wheels and delivered it with only 3 wheels, one of my night stand desks was totally destroyed, the glass top of my 4 seat dinning room set was not delivered at all I inquired with my cc company about reversing the charges that they shook me down for but I was advised that since they provided a service, they cld refer me to collections and did not want to take a chance on destroying my excellent credit. I sent them an email requesting $200 dollars back and I would just let the issue go. when i got no response, i them sent a letter cert/return rcpt labeled att:owner personal & confidential. still no response. update:4/2015....did not take them to small claims court as that would take too much time and energy. I wrote to the Consumer Affairs Dept....they advised that i contact the Dept of Transportation as that is the dept that regulates them. I wrote to the Dept of Transportaion...The dept of Transport called the owner in for a hearing related to my complaint and supporting documentation. In the end I was awarded a $1k refund.