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They will promise you the world, but willl under-deliver (literally and figuratively)

Submitted this review about ALL AMERICAN MOVING & STORAGE, INC.
Review made Live: 2/10/2011 1:06:00 PM
I contracted with this company (DOT# T32832) to move to North Carolina. I told them (beforehand, when we were still in negotiations) that on the day they were to deliver my things, I would need at least 24 hours prior notice. The reason being that even though I was moving, I still had to stay in my original home up North in order to fix it up and have inspections done in order to get it sold. The 24 hours notice was to give me time to get down south by car or by plane. Well, I asked for 2 days notice but that I at least needed 24 hours before the day they were to deliver. They agreed. By the way, and one of the big problems I have with this company, is that they talk a good game and make all these verbal promises BEFORE they get your business. Once you sign on with them, all their verbal commitments and their customer service go out the window... So they picked up my stuff and promised to deliver it within so many business days (i believe it was 10 - 15). They took much longer than they promised to deliver my goods. Meanwhile, as the 10 - 15 day time period was expiring and well into the next week or two, I constantly called their service number to find out the status of my things - because, like most people, I don't like my things, especially so much of it, in the hands of strangers for long periods of time. Nobody who answered seemed to know anything. On three separate occasions I called and three different people told me that someone else would get back to me concerning my things. Nobody ever did on any of those occasions. Finally, one morning out of the blue (much later than the time frame they promised that my delivery would be by) on a day that I was busy and I was not expecting, someone called me from the company to tell me that they would be delivering my things to my new out-of-state address that morning. Mind you, like i said, I was busy in another state fixing things, making appointments, and keeping schedules trying to get my old house sold. Needless to say, I wasn't ready to pick up my things that day. So they had to put my things in storage, and they had to charge me a whole month's storage fees (any part of a month that your stuff is in storage, you have to pay for the whole month) and re-delivery fees to get my things out to my new home again. If you MUST go with this company, take everything they promise you before you sign up (or even after you sign up for that matter) with a grain of salt. And be prepared for some disappointing customer service which, let's face it, is so vital to a business. Bottomline, they charged me an extra $200 (upfront of course, so I couldn't dispute it) to redeliver my things. And it makes me frustrated because, if they had honored their verbal promises on delivery time-frames and notifications (promises which were NOT negated by the formal Bill of Lading contract in any way), I would not have been in that predicament in the first place. To tell the truth, I'm not sure if the whole we-have-to-charge-you-extra-for-redelivery is not some sort of scam that they've pulled before in order to get more money out of their customers.