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95% of our belongings destroyed!

Submitted this review about All American Trusted Van Lines Inc
Review made Live: 11/19/2010 10:21:00 PM
Original charge was 1,790.00, after visual inspection it went to 5000.00 and after negotiating it went to 3500.00.Not Only was the company late from the date that they told us to expect our things, the driver while on work took a day to celebrate his personal holiday that we were not made aware of until the day of. After he finally arrived and we did a police report, he actually dropped the dinner table while attempting to move our things and not only were we witnesses the hired movers witnessed this catastrophe as well. The driver broke and mishandled several other items as well. We were also told that we would get a discount for the driver not appearing when we were told that he would and that did not happen either. We supposedly paid additional cost for protective covering, padding, and crates which is in our agreement as a part of the full moving service, yet the majority of our things were only boxed or wrapped from what we did prior to us obtaining the services of All American Trusted Van Lines. Our items were predominately new items, and we did not hire a company and paid additional cost just to have our things destroyed and to give us a headache in the interim which is what happened. Also in the agreement the company was suppose to assemble and disassemble items in which was not done as well. It was terrible service from beginning to end even down to one of our complaints where we filed with the Better Business Bureau and the company's rep replied to them saying we threaten to kill the driver in which is very hard to do in front of the police officers that we called due to the fact that we had so many previous issues with the company. We did not put the weight of our items because we just do not have a furniture weight scale for accuracy, but according to the company our things totaled 6200 pounds. Again just terrible service and there were also things that were stolen that we did not notice until completely unpacking our things. We should be entitled to a full refund plus damages. We made a complaint with the BBB also and the clerk went as far as to try and say we threatened their driver, which is absurd being that I had the local sheriff onsite to observe due to the unprofessionalism of the company and for the fact of the missing day/holiday we were in fear that our things were even stolen in which several things were indeed missing and that our things would be destroyed in which 95% of our belongings were. The owner of the company told us that the issue would be resolved immediately yet it has been over 2 months with a claim in which we have been told that the company has 120 days plus 45 in which to get a response and if the company denies to pay then we have to take matters in our own hands which makes the claim service/company just a pond to postpone things further. This is not how paying consumers/customers should be treated.