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Submitted this review about All Force Movers
Review made Live: 8/23/2013 7:11:00 PM
I have used All Force users TWICE in the last 2 months. Needless to say I have spent a GOOD amount of money with Bobby's business so I called him YET again to move my items that they moved INTO a storage unit for me out to my new residence. I scheduled in advance with Bobby (Owner) a move for Thursday evening 8/22/13. i am a follow up person i I called and sent text to confirm our appointment and make sure he had the address. AFTER over an hour plus before I could get him on the phone, he said that he would contact me back when he was in route. An hour and a half LATER, I spoke with him and she tells me the job before him ran over she had more than he was told etc etc. Ok fine, because I have used them before and I know things can happen. So we agree on the next morning Friday 8/23/13 at 10 am. Again , I confirm our meet by sending a text at 8;56am. I then make call because I was about 5 mins away and it was 10 am. Turns out, Bobby HAD YET to leave his home in Alpharetta to come to the appointment! He stated something happened etc etc. He would be there by 10 :30 am. I said ok no problem are you sure that 11 am wouldnt be better he said no it should be ok. I GAVE him till 11:15 am till I called back to see what the ETA would be. He claimed that Patrick (who moved me the last 2 times )was suppose to call me. I had Patrick's number so I called him. He said he was on a move in Alpharetta, had NO IDEA he was suppose to be coming to move me. I call Bobby back tell him what Patrick told me, he tells me what is Patrick talking about he was only moving a sofa shouldnt take over 1.5 hrs. I call Patrick back says not done with the move still has no idea about what Bobby is speaking of and that he will call him. I say to Patrick not sure what is going on or what type of business this is but I am not pleased. He request I follow back up with Bobby. I call Bobby again , I ask him who is coming and when because NOW it is almost 1 pm , no one has came , its hot and my time has been wasted. He states, I will call you back need to call Patrick. 15 mins go by no call back . I call back 5 TIMES no answer sent to voice mail. Sent a text as well. no reply back. I can NOT for the life of me understand how you can do a no show, have excuses ,and avoid a CLIENT that has spent over $600 dollars with you in less than 2 months!! This is DISRESPECTFUL and plain BAD BUSINESS! I would NOT recommend ANYONE use ALL FORCE MOVERS to move them around the corner let alone across town! They are NOT RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY or PROFESSIONAL! Signed disgusted and LOST CLIENT for life, Marie Wilson