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Frauds!!! Con Artists!!!

Submitted this review about All Inclusive Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 10/26/2014 11:10:00 PM
If I could give zero stars I would. This company is a FRAUD!!! BEWARE!!! I called 3 other companies for estimates. They came to house and inventoried amount to be moved and sent us estimates all between $6000-$8000. Last estimate was All inclusive moving and storage. They did not come out to house but rather looked at previous estimates and gave us typed out estimate via email of $3670. I then spoke to gentleman named Bob who stated they were running 50% off deal. I was skeptical but Bob was soo polite and after me explaining how stressful of a move this was - husband starting new job and 3 week old daughter- he promised this was the final price and there would be no hidden fees. Over the next 48 hours I called him few more times about questions regarding contract and payments and always very prompt with email responses and phone calls. At one point manager Zeke also helped me with question and told me could call his cell phone at anytime. Also reassured me with newborn he understood stressful time for me and would do everything in power to help make mover stress minimal. I was very impressed. The day of move only glitch was that the movers informed us tape was not included in price ( packing material included but apparently not tape?). These movers told us they use up to 3 rolls of tape just to wrap single couch or chair and tape $4.00 roll that would be added on to bill. I called Bob just to verify and he apologized and stated that was true. I was annoyed and told movers would purchase my own. My husband had to drive to Home Depot three times and we spent $150.00 on tape. Next I received a phone call from my husband at 9pm - they had packed all furniture and then proceeded to tell my husband amount of space used in truck was double what they had estimated. They said we had two options- let them weigh truck and pay price based on weight which foreman Paul P. stated he knew without a doubt based on his past experience our new estimate would be at least $10,000. Option two was he would give us deal of final new price of $7875.00. I was in shock and demanded to speak to manager. After Paul made multiple phone calls to Zeke I was told he would not speak to me. My husband then told Paul to unpack truck and cancel transaction. He was told we would have to pay $200/hr per mover- there were three besides Paul- for entire day. I was sickened by situation but told by Paul we had no choice. I was then informed new contract had to be signed by me and had no choice but to drive from in laws house at 10pm at night with a 3 week old 45 minutes distance to sign new contracts and reswipe credit card which I currently had with me. HAD to be done immediately. I was furious but soo nervous about our entire life being in their truck I toted my newborn into car at 10pm and drove to house. I signed sll contracts but put notation next to signature that I was forced into this new negotiation and not given a choice. My husband and I returned home at midnight. At one am received phone call from Paul stating per Zeke they were turning truck around and unpacking entire truck and would not do business with us because of my notation next to my signature. We were once again in shock. After 30 minutes of pleading to speak with Zeke he agreed and called my husband. My husband remained extremely calm and polite and explained to Zeke I was very upset but if he refused to do business with us no one was at house to receive truck and would have to wait until following day. Zeke stated he was leaving all items on sidewalk. It took three phone calls for my husband to calm Zeke down and come to agreement for Paul to drive to inlaws and have me resign contract. This occurred at 3am. I had called Bob multiple times through all this starting at 9pm and of course never answered or called back. Our arrival date to Florida was Oct 4th and Zeke had told husband our furniture would arrive and would do his best to get there on the 4th to avoid any more issues with us (they have 10 business day window from agreed arrival date ). Our furniture arrived 11th. Multiple broken items. I had to hold my tongue until furniture arrived safely. I was soo stressed out and terrified that our furniture would never show up. The entire experience with this company was soo ridiculous I cannot believe they are still in business. They are con artists. Zeke seems to be unable to properly handle any issues appropriately. I can now laugh when I think about him seriously telling us he was dumping our furniture and belongings on the street. It was a nightmare at the time. The stress this company has caused to me and my family is indescribable. I hope you read this review and pass on the info.