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horrible service, would never use again. Would tell anyone to use their money elsewhere

Submitted this review about All-My-Sons-Moving-And-Storage
Review made Live: 8/3/2015 11:06:00 AM
I scheduled moving service with the Greenville, SC area several weeks ago for service that would be on July 16, 2015. I was told I would be called 48-72 hours in advance for my time. I requested my time to be early afternoon. I was told that would be no problem. I went into great detail with the male customer service rep I talked to regarding what items I had to move and what I expected. Was told it would take somewhere around 3 hours plus drive time. I agreed to this with an agreed upon cost. i was not notified of any additional cost beyond the agreed amount of $129 an hour, all inclusive. My old address and new address are under 5 miles away from each other. I was not called regarding when my transport would be until the morning before on 7/15/15. I was originally given 7am-8am. I requested to be after this time. They agreed and set me for 12n-2p. On 7/16/15 movers didn't show up until 330pm. I ended up calling several times after 2pm to get an update on the ETA, and was continuously promised around 3pm, which didn't happen. When our movers did show up, they were slow, stating they had a busy morning and were quite tired. Showing them around our house they agreed this should go quite quick. They took many breaks, at times we couldn't even find the workers. They were dressed unprofessionally, with torn t-shirts and pants. Smoking frequently with repeat request to not smoke in our house. It took the over 3 hours to load the house, already almost over our agreed time. Stating they get paid hourly and didn't really care how long it took. They then took a break before going to the new house. We were charged for an hour of drive time. When it took them under 10 minutes to get to the new house. They began to unload. It took them over 3 hours to unload. They had started up their truck to leave before coming in to tell us they were done. Throwing us paperwork to sign. Never once did the workers offer to do a walk through to make sure items were where they belonged. At either the old house or the new house. We clearly showed them were items went at the beginning. Even marking on every box what room, and clearly labeling each room for ease. The workers left 80% of the boxes either in our living room or garage, which isn't acceptable. They had stacked on top of boxes that clearly indicated that they shouldn't be stacked on top of. Stacking and throwing boxes that stated fragile on them. After the men left, we noted one of our box spring mattresses was completely damaged, they had wrapped it so tightly in half that our frame had been damaged. The mattresses were wrapped so tight they were in half. We had to spend 2 additional days moving boxes where they should have been moved in the first place. When I called and complained to the corporate office we were told they wouldn't do anything until we talked to the local office. When I called the local office regarding the poor service and unhappiness. They blamed most of it on us, it was our fault for not knowing where the workers were, it was our fault for not forcing the workers to do the walk through. It was our fault for not making sure we directed everything more appropriately. They did refund the charge for materials, which we were originally told was included. They didn't refund the fuel sub-charge which we were not told of prior. I complained regarding the amount of time for the job itself. When I original told it would take around 3 hours total. I was charged an hour for drive time, when it didn't take an hour. I in total was charged for 7.5 hours of service when I only had a little over 6 hours of service. When our movers left, they had put their finish time at 10pm, and they actually finished at 940pm. They noted that we had changed the time, but we didn't receive a refund regarding the time difference. When we called corporate office regarding these issues, we again were blown off. We found damage to our walls after the men left, and the company wouldn't come out and address. I Have made multiple calls to the company with no results. I was sent paperwork for the damage to the box spring. I asked for a further refund with nothing. I expect the company to reimburse me for the new box spring we had to purchase because of their damage. I expect to be reimbursed for our time that was spent moving boxes that were in the incorrect places, this took us an additional 2 days. I feel like I should only be charged for the original agreement with price which was 3 hours. Not the 7.5 hours I ended up being forced to pay for. The movers will not move your belongings out of the truck until you pay. Basically holding your posessions hostage until you have paid. What other option do you have but to pay or they will not give you your belonging. This total price would be a refund of $1000. I understand paying the fuel surcharge. I believe we should be credited back 4 hours of work, at a cost of $129 an hour. Plus the $150 we spent on a new box spring. We had to rent a Uhaul to get the box spring because drive cars, that cost us $89. I do believe the company should reimburse further due to damage found on the walls from the workers. The company told me they would only fix holes in the walls, not scratches and such, that was our responsiblity. I don't agree with this. This was a brand new, new construction home, that now the walls look horrible. While they didn't break through the walls, they did cause damage, we had to repaint many areas due to the marking. This isn't acceptable. The company should have fixed this. The company should have agreed to come out and move the boxes to their correct location. Their workers should have offered to do the walk through with us. Clearly, they get paid hourly as they told us, and were not in a rush. They didn't care if we got overcharged because they were moving slow, they got paid the same no matter what. This is beyond horrible. The company is using me and my possessions and taking their time to cost me more money, giving them more money. Unacceptable. I feel we should be reimbursed for our personal time to fix situations that never should have happened. Broken family heirlooms that the workers and the company clearly didn't care about. This company, I would never recommend to anyone. Their service is horrible. They clearly do not care about their customer, they care about their bottom line. I think this is at the corporate and local level.