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This company is a scam

Submitted this review about All My Sons Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 10/1/2015 12:26:00 PM
***** BUYER BEWARE****** My wife and I moved from Webster Groves to Lafayette square in the beginning of August. The entire process of everything from the move to the claims for the 13k worth of damage has been the worst experience I have had from any company in my entire life. It took them 10-11 hours to move a 900 square foot house, and there were 5 of them. I have reason to believe they had been drinking. (my wife says she thought she saw someone taking a swig from a flask, and the mentioned that in the moving industry you have to have beer to do a move). Also am 99% sure one of them was high the entire time. He tried to put my door back on backwards, after taking it off, which we didn't want them to do in the first place. Talking very slow, screwing around the whole time and constantly had people telling him to get back to work. I would say probably 3 out of 5 were actively moving things the whole time. They told us it would maybe be about $1000 for the move. I figured that meant it could be somewhere in between $500 and $1500 so I planned financially for as much as $1500. When we got the final bill it was $2600. $2600 to move a 900 square foot house. That's outrageous. We asked for half refund due to our hassle and the faulty estimate that was given, and we were refused by the "owner" who has terrible customer service skills. He cut us off while talking several times and was making up every excuse in the book to back his team. That's not how customer service works. If you want business, you have to please your customers. He made a less than satisfactory attempt by refunding us $400. They also damaged many a thing. They sprayed pest spray on my screen door in my new house that left a residue stain after they told use they needed to take the door off (even though we didn't want them to). They damaged walls and trim, also busted an out door light off, leaving exposed wires that are still sitting there live and exposed to this day. The broke our fridge, piano bench, clawfoot tub, piano, wardrobe, $2000 antique bookshelf, deep freezer, and so much more. When we tallied up the damages to our things and our property it was about 13k worth of things. We claimed the damages and were told they had 30 days to process the claim and if you fix anything it invalidates the claim. 30 days!? That's outrageous my fridge is broken. I can't sit on my piano bench to play the piano. I can't assemble my furniture in my new house because it's all broken. I have been living in a house for nearly two months with a broken fridge and broken furniture. They have you sign a contract when they first arrive, through a high pressure tactic they tell you they can't get started until you sign, it's a very long contract, and it states in there that they will only pay for 60 cents per pound for damages. So if they break your $2500 flat screen, they'll only give you maybe $50 for it. Well.. this is not going to cover our things. Bottom line.. it's been almost two months, spent $2200, all my stuff is still broken, and they have gone past their 30 days they had to process. When I called them to discuss they let me know they received the claim on the 14th, even though we sent it on the 25th of august (in the mail because they wouldn't take email, also ridiculous), and we have email confirmation on the 4th of September that they received the claim. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT'S A SCAM AND A DANGEROUS COMPANY TO GO THROUGH. ********BUYWER BEWARE****** unless you want all your stuff broken, to pay more than twice as much as the estimate for the move, and to be thrown in circles for two months as you wait for your stuff to get fixed (if they ever do fix anything), do not go through this company.