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Bad Move

Submitted this review about All Service Moving
Review made Live: 1/20/2010 9:59:00 PM
I am reviewing the Houston office. I can say very little that is positive about this company. So far we haven't seen anything broken, and I don't believe we will. However, we hired them to pack also, and they were terrible at that. Boxes were over-packed, and a lot was left unpacked and unmoved. My wife just had major back surgery and I have an inoperable back condition, so we were unable to pack. I do not believe All My Sons Moving has ever seen a professional packing job. They had the movers do the packing instead of having a packing crew. They estimated the job would take 4 to 5 hours and it took over 7. To be fair, it was because they did not realize they would be packing so much, but that was because they do not understand what a complete professional packing job is. In short, they were extremely sloppy. They left behind the following items unpacked and in plain sight: * A telephone * 2 coats * 2 flower pots * 2 brooms * Dust pan * 4 telephone wires (phones were disconnect and the wires left behind) * 2 shower curtains * Camera * Trash can lid * Trash (theirs) * Cigarette butt outside * Garbage can * Glasses * 3 water bottles In addition, all our pots and pans lids were left behind in the drawer below the stove. Also, two fragile knick knacks were just thrown into a hamper with other solid items, and they were not wrapped at all. Although these made it alright, other knick knacks didn't and were cracked. If all My Sons Movers has any problem with this, I have pictures. When the movers arrived, they had a lot of stuff for me to read, but told me to sign and I could read it later. Stupidly, I did. I needed to do a walk through, but by the time they were done, I was in pain, and didn't do one, but the mover told me they were done and did not tell me to do a walk-through of the old address, just to sign they were done and pay. (We were in the new apartment by then. We were moving between apartments in the same complex.) P. Cook