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Still Waiting for My Refund - Dishonesty re: credit card charges

Submitted this review about All Star Vanline
Review made Live: 1/28/2010 3:18:00 PM
I requested a refund in writing and on the telephone on December 30. I was well within my 3-day cancellation time frame window. It is now January 28, nearly a full month after my request and the money still is not in my account. The first excuse was: The "girls" did not put it through, and that if you want something done right you must do it yourself. The next excuse was that they were having credit card/bank issues. Plus they have been telling customers that the charges went through when they knew that it did not go through. Stan literally admitted to me that he is lying to their other customers. I wanted to gives these guys a chance b/c they are a new company and they APPEARED honest. But this is ridiculous. I should not have to wait this long for a $298 refund that I still did not get. Avoid these guys at all costs. I've included my emails below. At this point I'm glad that I put so much in writing. These guys are clearly unprofessional and unorganized. AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK. This is the text from the e-mail that I sent on Jan. 13. Stan: I have been trying to reach you for the last few days regarding the return of my deposit. After leaving voicemails with you and one of your colleagues I still have not received a response. Please confirm that the refund is being processed and advise when I should be receiving it. I requested this refund 2 weeks ago and your unresponsiveness is becoming a concern. Thank you. ******************************* This is the text from my e-mail on Jan. 21. Stan: I check my account and the money still was not return. What's going on? ******************************** This is the text from my e-mail on Jan. 26. Stan, I requested a refund in writing and on the telephone on December 30. It is now January 26 and the money still is not in my account. I can see pending transfers and deposits waiting to clear - but NOTHING from your company. This is just ridiculous. I've been very patient during this time, but I am losing my patience and I want my refund immediately. ******************************** This is the text from today's e-mail exchange Jan. 28. Stan: I just checked my account again and spoke with customer service. No refunds have been made to my account. It has been almost a month now and frankly I am beyond upset with your company's performance. You just told me over the phone that you've been telling customers that the charges for their deposits went through when you knew that they, in fact, did not go through. How am I to believe anything that your company tells me after you literally admitted to me that you lied to these customers. I gave my bank the green light to start an investigation about these funds. My next call will be to the Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Atty. Blumenthal has devoted a great deal of his tenure to consumer protection. If the funds are returned to my account immediately, I will call off the investigators. *** Kellyanna I am sorry for the inconvenience. I assure You that your money has been returned. I told you the Bank Called Us to let us know! We printed a copy of it and It clearly says Settlement Successful. Again I'm sorry and I don't care if You wanna believe me or not I wish everyone the best in everything they do. So Good luck and I wish You Much success ... Stan *** Stan, You also told me that you've been having bank issues. The bottom line is that the money is not in my account. You stating that "I don't care" really does nothing to help the situation. The fact of the matter is as follows; 1) I requested a refund on 12/30; 2) I regularly informed you that I still have not received the funds; and 3) I and my bank checked on the status of these funds as of 1/28 and the funds are still not in my account. I can only go by what my bank tells me. This is especially so given that you have told me how your bank and credit card machine has been giving you problems.