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Services not rendered, damaged home

Submitted this review about All USA Van Lines
Review made Live: 1/16/2015 8:06:00 AM
My movers, ALL USA Van Lines, who work with Cross Country Movers, had one month to deliver my furniture and barely made the cutoff date. This, however, is not my primary complaint. Upon arriving the truck driver refused to give me his name. The other workers were young kids who had been hired off of Craig's List. The driver never carried any furniture into the home himself. There was some damaged furniture, which is to be expected, but the uninsured workers also scratched up the brand new wooden floor in our new home. The driver said the scratches were already there, although they were not and we took before pictures so we are able to demonstrate this. Moreover, any time my wife would use her camera to take a photo of or record damage the driver - who refused to divulge his name - would threaten to stop the move and drive off with our stuff. We paid for a full service move, which included - as I have confirmed with Cross Country Movers - the reassembly of furniture, i.e. legs back on tables, beds reassembled etc. I asked the driver beforehand if he was going to do this and he said 'yes.' Yet, when it came time to reassemble furniture the driver did not even have a screwdriver, let alone a drill, so I have no idea how he thought he was going to do this. All of the sudden, without a word mentioned to us, the driver came in the house and whispered something in the workers' ears. They all began to leave even though nothing had been reassembled. I quickly ran outside to ask him what was going on and he ignored me repeatedly as he got into the truck to drive away - without yet paying the workers either, by the way, who were waiting outside also hoping that he did not drive off. I stood below him as he was in the truck so that he could not yet shut the door to drive off. I kept asking him why he was not finishing the job. Eventually he replied, and I quote, "Because I don't want to." True story. My wife came over with her camera to record the transaction. As I moved to call the police the driver began to slam the door on my wife and my 6-month old baby whom she was carrying on her chest in a Bjorn!!! This, naturally, made me livid. The police came but said they could do nothing because it was a domestic dispute. I filed a complaint with The complaint first came back for $84.00, which was to cover damaged furniture. That is all well and good except that is less than what we paid extra for the reassembly of furniture which was in our contract but never completed, it provided no money for our scratched floor and it still did nothing nor provided the name of the belligerent driver who nearly slammed a truck door on my 6-month old baby. I rejected this claim and sent it back. I received another offer of $84.00 plus $30.00 more for our hassle. Again, $114.00 does not even come close to covering the cost of our wood floor, which had just been redone for a little more than $5,000. And it mentioned nothing about nor provided the name of the belligerent truck driver. I rejected this and am now writing this review. To this day I still do not even know the name of the truck driver though I have requested it in every letter, every email and every phone call made to the company or to This was a terrible experience and I warn one to stay away from Cross Country Movers and All USA Van Lines.