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Submitted this review about Allegiant Van Lines
Review made Live: 10/8/2013 8:13:00 PM
When we first started looking for a moving company we received a lot of quotes from different companies including Allegiant. Most of the quotes were very similar to one another but the quote from Mayflower was a 2-3 thousand dollars more than the other ones we had(After the move was all said and done the total was very close to what Mayflower said it would be). At the time we decided to use Allegiant in June they had very very good reviews online and very few complaints, the months following our decision to choose Allegiant we saw and sharp jump in complaints and unhappy customers hitting the internet(bad timing). Every time I called the number someone answered and I almost always got answers or clarification. They did their quote over the phone and went through room to room inventorying out household goods. This was fairly accurate because i told them what we had. Where things started to go wrong was the amount of boxes they estimated us to have, we ended up with 30 more boxes then they initially estimated which i partially our fault but we did update out estimate with them as we packed out things leading up to our move. The real problems began after then picked up our goods. The guys that showed up to pack our things were actually very nice and did what seemed to be a good job packing our things. Once they left and our good were in transit it became very difficult to reach anyone at the company. When we started the process we would talk to a handful of people and at the end we were only talking to one person every time we called; Shari. Evidently they cut their staffing considerably. The initial delivery date they gave us was pushed back at least 3 times and the phone number they gave us for the driver had no voicemail and the guy would only respond to a text message. Once the driver finally arrived in his SEMI he was alone and said he would waive the the stairs fee if I helped him unload the whole truck. Once our goods were unloaded we discovered we were missing ONE box...... which contained out safe.......and was listed as such on the inventory the company made. While the safe contained little to no valuables and you can make an argument for how smart it is to ship such an item across the country but that shouldn't matter. Most of you can probably read between the lines on this one and see that of the 270 some inventoried items we had the only thing missing was a safe, i wonder if someone at the moving company saw the inventory sheet?? You decide.... Besides the safe we also had a book shelf just destroyed and a handful of broken dishes. So after we discovered what was missing we tried contacting Allegiant and it took us 3 days to do so. After we explained what happened Shari said they would "look" for our missing box in their warehouse and let us know what they find. 3 days later no call or message so we called back and who would you guess we talked too again...Shari... she gave us the website to go to called which is who they contracted to handle their claims. After we submitted our claim with this company, Allegaint had something like 3 business days to verify the information that we had given was true.....well they didn't and CSIpro called me and told me that they no longer did business with Allegaint because they couldn't get a response from them. It has been 4 weeks since I got the call from CSIpro and I have called Allegiant everyday for the last 4 weeks, leaving messages and calling repeatedly and I have not reached anyone or received any message from them. Needless to say I would never refer my biggest enemy to this company because they evidently don't do honest business.