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Submitted this review about allen davis moving systems
Review made Live: 4/29/2009 8:36:00 PM
DO NOT USE! WORST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER WITH ALLEN DAVIS MOVING SYSTEMS!! THIS IS ALL TRUE AND ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME... I hired mr. allen davis for a long distance move in march 2009. he sounded trustworthy, cordial and reliable over the phone. but come moving day: DON'T!!! he promised to bring all necessary packing materials, but only showed up with a roll of flimsy KITCHEN SARAN WRAP!(see pics above) he even angrily chastised me to 'go out and buy your own brown wrapping paper AND pay for it out of your own pocket!!' when i complained to him. allen davis had NONE of the standard bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, cardboard boxes, disassembling tool kit or even the quality brown wrapping paper(NORMALLY ALL supplied by PROFESSIONAL movers)promised over the phone to cushion and safeguard my things for the 500 MILE trip...all to cut corners, and make allen davis lots of $$$$$ for himself. Of course, come things got banged up(see pics above). He treats his paying first-time patrons like myself like caca. Also, there was no direct supervision of his moving men over the move as allen davis sits in his van during moves; smelt old urine when one of them walked by me each time. LIVE GIANT 3-inch cockroaches found in my bags crawled out into my new apt. kitchen after being stored overnight in his moving van. (see pics above) I did Not have a pest problem before the move. Must be allen davis' hired buddies bumming a ride...LOL Worst of all, took and kept two of my 20 year old antique gold-framed mirrors when he left property. (see pics above); boy, I miss those two mirrors...wonder if they're being held for a hefty ransom?? Then, allen davis TWICE demanded I pay him an additional $120.00 for 'waiting around!' this is AFTER I already paid him $2500!! BOTTOM LINE: if you are searching for a qualified mover, hire ONLY BBB-approved PROFESSIONAL Movers....allen davis moving systems IS NOT one of them and NOT VERY Professional!! DO NOT make the SAME mistake!.... shop smart...think BBB businesses FIRST....and of course, do read others' moving reviews...and hey, you all-DON'T EVER pay a mover $2500.00 for kitchen saran wrap and ABUSIVE RUDE AND STINGY service and you won’t get screwed.....Tom