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Horrible Experience

Submitted this review about Allstars Movers abnd Storage Inc
Review made Live: 3/31/2014 11:54:00 AM
Whatever you do, DO NOT use these guys they are a scam!!! The movers showed up 30 minutes late, and that was the good part. I was quoted $310 over the phone and asked several times if that quote was correct, since it was lower than others I spoke to. When they arrived they started adding in other things to our bill which would have taken our total over $1,100, such as $39/item to shrink wrap, $49 per item over 100 pounds, $49 per TV, 99 cents per mile, then an overall 19% of the final total. There is also a labor/hour charge, a per hour trip charge and the fees go on and on and on. As the cost kept adding up I was told the wrapping was optional and that blankets would be used during the move. So I agreed to let them start without shrink wrapping items. The movers were rude and upset that we chose not to pay the higher price. They were not being careful or using blankets and didn't care that I was assured they would. When they arrived at the destination they were not careful they placed a love seat on top of my round dining table!! Scratched deep grooves into the top. They didn't cover the table with a cloth, but more importantly, who puts a love seat on top of a dining table? When I discussed this with the movers they said it was not their fault since I chose not to shrink wrap. they told me they covered with a blanket, but I know they didn't because I saw them unloading the sofa and table. When I called the office they stated that I would need to write the claims on the white form of the invoice, but when I asked the driver for the white form he told me no. Then the other driver took the white invoice, rolled it up and stuffed it down the front of his pants. What kind of business is this? I was assured by the "Big Boss" that I would have the table taken care of, that he would call the driver and get it solved. As the unloading progressed they became move aggressive and argumentative in talking to me. They became less concerned with care of my furnishings (if that was even possible to become less). After unloading the truck the "Big Boss" still had not talked to the driver and I still had not been able to complete the claims information. The driver called into the big boss, spoke in a language I could not understand and then told me "no, I could not have the white invoice to write my claim and the it was my fault for not wrapping." I immediately fired them halfway through the job. I then had to find and pay for someone else to complete the job. So, now for a job I was quoted 310, I paid Allstar 470 for just 2 hrs of labor, and another 450 to someone else to move. Plus I will need to purchase a new table. Total moving charges $920 + table of $400= $1,320. That is 325% more than the original quote. The moving company is the biggest scam. Please do not use them, you will be so sorry.