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Submitted this review about Allwyas Moving and Storage, LLC
Review made Live: 8/12/2013 1:02:00 PM
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company as they promise you the world. I was working with the relocation specialist Mike back in May about a move from Missouri to New York for July 19th. I read the reviews about moving companies and the horror stories people went through. When I spoke to Mike he was very nice and advised me what the company would do to make the move go smoothly. I felt confident after the calls that took place and sent in the 10% retainer. I contacted Allways moving and storage about 4 days before the move since the website was under maintenance since the end of May. That should have been the first sign to go with a different company. I called Mike to update my inventory list and found out he left the company. I spoke to David about my move and he was more then welcome to help me out. He was great and updated my list with the breakdown of the payments. David also advised me that we were going to have Allways Moving and Storage trucks pick our stuff up in Missouri and not to worry about anything. I didn't want my stuff being moved by a company that was contracted out. He also wanted an alternate move date just in case the trucks couldn't pick up the stuff on the 19th. I had no problem with that as my Fiancé wanted to pack everything up herself even though that was included in the price so I told him July 20th. I overnighted a check to my Fiancé to give to the movers for the pick up date that was booked as requested by David. On July 19th, I called Allways Moving and Storage to find a time frame the movers will be calling to pick up our stuff since we were advised that a 24 hour notice would be given. Of course David wasn't available and off that day. I sent him an e-mail to contact me. Later that night my Fiancé gets a call at about 10pm and it's the truck driver saying they left Texas a little late but will be in Missouri at about 11am to put her stuff on the truck. Low and behold, she gets a call saying the truck was diverted to Minnesota for a pick up and they didn't know when they would get to her. I called up Allways Moving and Storage on that Saturday and left a message on the machine for someone to contact me. I sent David an e-mail about what had happened but he never got back to me either. I contacted the company on Monday afternoon and spoke to Martin in customer service since David was not around. Martin told me they might have a truck free on Tuesday July 23rd. I advised them she was flying out Wednesday morning to come to NY and a truck had to be at the house. My Fiancé got a call from another truck driver and advised her he will be at the house Tuesday afternoon for the pick up. When they pulled up it was another moving company called M&M Moving from Hillburn NY. There were two guys in the truck and starting going to work. Then another car pulls up with Missouri license plates and starts helping out. The truck driver asked this person what are they doing as my Fiancé didn't know the guy. He said he was hired by the trucking company as something was posted on Craigslist. Thank god the two guys that came didn't let this guy go into the house but he did help by putting things on the truck as my Fiancé watched him like a hawk. The kids watched the two guys that originally came in the house. They finally got everything into the truck and the dispatcher (Gail) calls me to say they can't accept the check because they are going straight to NY and it won't be enough time to clear (4 days). Gail from M&M Moving said they are going to hold my check until they get to NY and if we can pay cash. I said no problem as they were going to give me my check back. We had to constantly be in touch with the dispatcher or truck driver as nobody was contacting us regarding our stuff. We kept getting the run around about the drop off date. Finally, they told us when and actually showed up on time. They unloaded everything and was suppose to put things back together since they were professionals. We come to find out it was 2 other guys and not the original guys who picked up the stuff. These two guys had no idea of how to put together the beds that were taken apart and put one bed upside down. The ONLY thing that was a positive in this move is that no furniture was broken. The cardboard boxes were in decent shape and some plastic bins were broke but no big deal. Also, when delivered they just threw the boxes and bins all over the place. I still have not heard from anyone in the company of Allways Moving and Storage to see how the move went since they sub contracted it out to another company. That is my experience with them so I hope you don't make the same mistake I did.