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Alpine - crossway scammers report. Nicolas , yaron

Submitted this review about Alpine Movers
Review made Live: 8/3/2013 11:35:00 PM
Subject: Looter of your Money Review: There is no company like this. This is a bunch of people looting money. I was contacted by Nicolas and gave me a quote of 2100 dollars, He was chasing me like mad. When I said I have quotes 500 dollars less than that he asked , he suddenly reduced to 1679 with the following conditions 1. The rate is fixed as long as I don't increase the items ( I provided all the dimensions ) and he estimated for 550 Cubic Feet 2. The quote will be reduced if they take less space. I have emails to prove this After taking 25 % as advance the guy disappeared. Tried to contact him by phone / email and no response . Finally i contacted the credit card company to dispute the payment . They said the payment was made to Alpine and provided a contact number . I called the number and YARON picked up the call. After many follow ups 3 guys showed up with a Enterprise Rental truck and said I have to pay more as they don't think this will fit in 550 CFT. They forced me to sign a revised estimate for 600 CFT if they need to load . As my lease was expiring on that day , I had no choice. When they actually loaded it took only 480 CFT and the driver was sincere enough to give me a final contact for 480 CFT which translated to 1412 USD . The guys left . After 4 hours I am getting calls from Yaron that , I have to pay the original 1679 else they will drop off the stuff at some storage in VA and they are not responsible for anything . I told them to bring the stuff and discuss . Then they disappeared Never picked up my call . Finally I had to switch off the caller id and they picked up. Finally they showed up today and refused to even open the truck unless I pay the full old estimate ( 1679 USD ) in CASH. They took the complete cash . When he opened the truck I had to cry . Most of my stuff was broken into pieces . 3 expensive Ikea bookshelves where broken into multiple pieces . One bookshelf was not even brought in and they said they had to throw away as it was crushed into pieces . My table was broken into 7 pieces . Dressers were broken. When I refused to take the delivery of the broken pieces , they dropped in front of my door and drove away without even providing a receipt for the money I paid. They said I have to go and register claim in if I have claims . I can post the pictures of the broken pieces lying in front of the door This is extortion and looting . They took 25 % more that any other carrier . I lost almost 50 % of my stuff. I am going to file with BBB and also with any consumer protection forums now. I have the photographs , the documentary evidence for all the information provided above if anyone would like to have a look to ensure that I am right These are 2 guys with some fictitious names ( Nick and Yaron ) running around with a enterprise truck and looting people . All the positive feedback is by those people only and you can really say that looking at the time and the comments posted