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Review made Live: 3/21/2012 5:28:00 PM
I was given a "guaranteed" quote from Anthony over the phone of $900 and set up a date to move. Before the mover would begin loading anything there were several papers that they insisted be signed or they wouldn't begin (knowing that I was to leave the state the following day to begin a new job). The first was a legal rescintion of the quote, the second a blank payment agreement. After being re-assured that the increased charges "won't be much at all if any" and that these forms had to be signed before they would begin, I signed them. I repeatedly asked for a correct amount and was told that the driver "couldn't tell me until everything was on the truck and he could tell exactly what was there". But was told no less than four times that if his tip was big enough "he would cut me a deal... Just between me and him." After the items were loaded on the truck, the driver came back with the already signed form now filled in with an amount of $1423. After a heated argument with the driver, I was told that they would not unload the truck so that I could select a different moving company and that I would have to speak to the manager. The manager called back the next day saying that the $1400 amount(which included $260 for bubble wrap and tape, and $263 for 4 boxes that weren'e included in my quote) was correct, but he would offer me a "discount" to make it $1323. Having no leveradge and already having left the state, I had no option to dispute the amount and was told by Nir that he was the only manager and there was no one above him I could talk to. The items were picked up on March the 1st, and a delivery date of the 17th was suposedly set up. On March the 21st I was told that the driver would be there to deliver my belongings at 12:00pm on the 22nd. When I repeated that I work during the week (which is why I set up the delivery for Sat. the 17th) I was told that the driver would be there at noon and I would be charged $75 for every hour he had to wait, and they demanded that I paid what they believe to be my remaining balance in full before anything will be unloaded from the truck. Which of course is now back up to the $1423, since the company has no interest in honoring what they tell customers over the phone. By FAR the worst, most dishonest, moving company I've ever had any interaction with.