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How American Movers Group cheated me

Submitted this review about American-Movers-Group
Review made Live: 8/25/2011 10:13:00 PM
I hired American movers in June 2011. They promised professional service and best price. I payed them 10 % of the cost. My ordeal started right from the time of pick up. The pickup guy had very poor understanding of English. Obviously he found faults in the amount of stuff i had told them and persistently said that he will charge me much more than the amount quoted. Interestingly he will absolutely fail to understand what I was telling him, as i was speaking in English. I finally had to pay him few hundred dollars more. The first delivery was in Boston and they had told me that it would deliver on 1st jult. I had specifically asked them about the delivery date and they had agreed for that date. Hence my family had brought along only one - two day stuff. However when there was no sign of movers i tried to call them. first no body will ever pick up a phone. there is absolutely no customer service. once in a while when they do they will not understand english. they were extremely rude and multiple times they hung up on me not giving me any information when my stuff will reach Boston. Finally Shockingly i was told it may take 3 to 4 weeks. I still would not have complaint but it got worse during my second delivery. My second delivery was in storage for a month and per contract I was suppose to tell them the delivery address around Boston after a month. However they choose to call me one night and said " I want to deliver your stuff in 3 - 4 days other wise i will deliver it after one month and no delivery will happen in between”. I was shocked as I was not even in town and was not anticipating delivery for another 2 weeks, hell I didn’t even have the apartment lease signed yet. It seemed as if they had hired my services rather then me hiring them. I tried to reason out with them but once again their poor English and rude behavior left me no choice. When you are talking to them its like talking to a wall. Once again phone was hung up on me multiple times and then no body picked up the phone. inbetween at 9 pm a got a call from a cop asking me if the stuff in storage was mine, the driver was with him and cop wanted to confirm if i had hired this company. I was completely confused. worried about the safety of my stuff i cursed mydelf for being in such a big mess. Next day when I did manage to get in touch with somebody I was told that either you take the delivery now or else we will deliver after one month and charge you extra for the extra storage ( which apparently would not be my fault as they are refusing to deliver on time). I was also told that it’s my fault that if I don’t have my apartment ready why did I take agree to take the delivery now ( their conversation was absolutely senseless). All this was unbelievable and unimaginable for me. Tired and frustrated I called my friend and the apartment manager who were kind enough to coordinated the move in my absence. As I write this I am unaware if my stuff was delivered safely as I have not been to my apartment. They are a bunch of Russian/Israeli immigrants who have numerous complaints lodged against them. They have lodged their company multiple times under different names. Their modus operand is that once they have enough complaint lodged against them they will close the company and lodge it with a different name. I advice the world never to hire them. There is no “ being careful” with them. They are a bunch of crooks. Once they have your stuff and money they will cheat you and play you around. They will try to lure you by giving you a very cheap quote and calling you repeatedly. Believe me its not worth it. They will finally extract as much money as you would pay a good reputed moving company. If you still don’t believe me please please check reviews from other people easily available online. It has a BBB rating of F