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False Impressions

Submitted this review about American Moving Services
Review made Live: 11/11/2012 12:15:00 PM
CLAIM: $160 DAMAGE: $2,000+ Our insurance was $.30/lb regardless of value. Initially we reviewed the higher package. This was $.60/lb regardless of value. When I first signed up with America's Moving it was because of the excellent user reviews and customer support was great over the phone. I am here writing after to share my COMPLETE dissatisfaction with the handling by America's Moving hired subcontractor "Storage Transit". The movers came from Georgia and were 6 hours late. Our pickup was only one of several stops. Nothing dedicated about it. Their truck was enormous and cut a power line going down the road. This crew was made of a father and his teenage sons. Hardly professionals to trust handling heavy valuable furniture with care. Once everything was in the truck, he explained he would likely be the person driving to our destination. A couple days pass and we did not hear anything. We moved into our new apartment with nothing. After calling I expressed the problem and was told they had to make a few more stops. Apparently OTHER customers were complaining and received priority.. I guess we should have been more vocal? Two days after the expected delivery date they came. A completely different crew came in a completely different truck. So they had to unload everything (2bedroom apt), then reload onto another truck. CHAIRS BROKEN, ELECTRONICS BROKEN, TABLES and BED-FRAME SCRATCHED. Items that were packaged extremely carefully were strangely unpacked. Heirlooms, glass and stemware were shattered. Mirrors and boxes had clear and visible signs of misuse. If service was not bad enough they then tried pushing random items onto us! "No this is not my lamp, but where is the mirror?" The mirror etc was never delivered. How did such meticulous packing of boxes and items get so mistreated? Boxes kicked in, broken or open. Black smudges/deep scratches all over hard-wood furniture and a vintage table. ANTS!!, yes ANTS!!, covered and crawled over multiple boxes with no rhyme or reason. The claims agent neglected serious consideration with our things. Repeatedly I requested for a report to be made on this incident. 3 times, on 3 forms I had to provide identical information. Our insurance was $.30/lb regardless of value. Initially we reviewed the higher package. This was $.60/lb regardless of value. Words cannot redeem the amount of damage and frustration surrounding this experience. I hope this review can accurately reflect our experience and mark a warning for potential future movers.