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Review made Live: 6/9/2008 11:52:00 AM
I had a relatively small move - 2 bedroom apartment. When Michael Martin was making the sale with me I was told that the small size of my load would increase the chances of a smooth uneventful move. My stuff was picked up in CT on a Tuesday. Little did I know my things would sit in a NY warehouse until Saturday before it was finally loaded onto another truck and moved to SC. Probably not something you want to tell people when you are trying to make a sale. Needless to say, I arrived in SC the Wednesday after my stuff was picked up. When I called to inquire about my load I wasn't told that it was actually sitting in a wherehouse. I found that out a few phone calls later where I was made to feel like my small load was unimportant. But it still cost me almost 1600! Ok, so my stuff finally gets here 7 days later on a Monday. Three of the boxes were completely falling apart from water damage. I didn't make a big deal of it only because the boxes which were damaged contained only pots and pans and tupperware, nothing that could be hurt by water. Then after unpacking everything I realized the box which contained my computer monitor and some clothing was missing. I called on May 7th to report the loss. I was told that the box would be located and mailed to me UPS. Well, it's now June 9th and I haven't received a thing. I finally had to go out and purchase a new monitor. The best part is that through the whole last month I have had to call AMS countless times to get updates. I'm told someone will call me back with an update and then nobody calls and I have to call them again. The last time I heard any kind of update, which was "we THINK we found your box but we have to make sure"... was on May 13th. I have since left Howard three messages inquiring about my box and thus far have not received a single return phone call. Let me just say that I understand mistakes will happen and every move can't be perfect. The thing about this company is that their follow up and problem resolution seems to be non-existant. In the beginning of this issue I told one of the owners that the customer service was lacking and he got mad and yelled at me. In my job if I had an unhappy customer and my response was to yell at them and tell them they had false expectations, um... I'd get fired. Please do yourself a favor and do not hire this company!!!