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Lies, Lies, and more Lies

Submitted this review about americanqualitymovers
Review made Live: 10/14/2013 5:00:00 AM
My move from Pa. to Florida was nothing less than a nightmare. It took a total of 95 days, yes 95 days to receive all my goods that were paid in Full. I had several conversations with Andy, the owner, and simply he will lie to you repeatedly. I talked to Andy 24 times and was lied to 24 regarding delivery. It started when the quote of $1800 went to $2500 because the truck wasn't big enough because another load was on it. Of course we got the BS that it took more square footage than estimated. That was a crock because we had less items transported than were listed. We were told on June 19 when the first load was pick up that it would be another $800 to bring another truck and to transport remaining items. We paid the additional $800. What other choice was there. Now the fun starts. We were told the truck would be there within a week, which puts it around June 26. THE ITEMS ARRIVED SEPTEMBER 28. During the 3 months I talked to Andy 24 times, yes 24 times and was lied to every single time. Everything from the truck was broke down, it will be pickup and delivered next week, the truck had to go a different direction, we are picking up your stuff this weekend, I'm getting hold of the driver and finding out time of delivery. Just a few.Needless to say, I don't have enough time to expound on all his lies. As a former educator, I've dealt with hundreds of people from all walks of life. Never have I experienced such an unprofessional person. If you research this company you will find the same pattern of lies, deception, and inflating/additional costs. I will not rebut other reviews but find it interesting that all reviews are either excellent/glowing, very,very,very poor. I guess you decide.