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Submitted this review about Anytime Movers
Review made Live: 2/22/2012 5:07:00 PM
I have dealt with apt.movers twice before and did not have a problem but the last move I had was the most horrible experience ever. I called 2 weeks in advance to schedule a move within the same building. I made an appointment window between 8-12 with apt.movers and scheduled my freight elevator time between 8-11 within my apartment complex. Unfortunately, we only have 1 freight elevator to use for moving in my building and it was a Sunday where everyone else was trying to move. 8 am comes along and I called to see what time I should expect them to arrive. I spoke to a customer service rep in Dallas name Cy that told me he will get the mover in touch with me. 9:30 am comes along and I did not hear a word from the moves and I called again and spoke to Cy. He gave me a disconnected number to the movers so I had to call again to apt. movers and talked to Michael who told me that Cy didn't mention anything and the movers should be on their way. 11:00 am comes along and no word. Finally, I called again and talked to Michael who got in touch with the movers. The movers called me and told me that the sales rep with Apt. Movers messed up and didn't schedule a correct moving time for me. During that time I had to stall the other people within the apartment from using the freight elevator. Basically the movers did not arrive till 12:15pm and the move ended at 1:25 pm. I had to pay $240 for a three hour move that only lasted 1 hour 1/2. I called apt. movers again to tell them my dissatisfaction and talked to Michael again who told me to get in touch with Nels Johnson, their manager, on Tuesday when she comes back to work. On Tuesday, I got a hold of Nels Johnson but to be rudely interrupted to tell me that she did not have time to listen to me and she would call me back. Never received a call from her and was told that someone else would get in touch with me. She told me that Matt Griffith would call me. I never heard from Matt Griffith and had to call back to get his number. I called him and he told me that Nels Johnson would not compensate me and that it was my fault for using them for my move and hung up on me. I will report them to the Better Business Bureau and hopefully people who plan on moving will never use them.