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NEVER use Apache!

Submitted this review about Apache Moving and Storage
Review made Live: 12/10/2012 1:28:00 AM
If you value your belongings you will NOT trust them in the hands of Apache. The first time I used them to move from one apartment to another, I had them scheduled for 3pm. They didn't arrive until 11:30pm, and we didn't even hear from them until around 10:45. There was a 3 man crew though and they hustled up enough to complete our entire move in a little under an hour! Still, they were 8.5 hours late... When it came time to move from that apartment to our nice, shiny new home we were pricing multiple moving companies, and Matt with Apache swore they would beat any price we were quoted. He also PROMISED me that he would send his very best THREE man crew, and that the job would be done in under the minimum of two hours. On moving day, I was highly disappointed when a TWO man crew showed up. I was even more upset when they started giving me attitude. My husband had to go to work, so it was just myself there, and I felt like they were treating me as an "ignorant woman". They picked up my entertainment center and dumped everything out of the doors, including the shelves and hardware. One guy pointed down at it and said, "You need to pick that up." (On the previous move, they banded the door shut, and left everything inside.) To make matters worse, they were extremely slow. They moved one box at a time, and walked as slowly as possible. At one point a box fell off the dolly and hit a couple of stairs on the way down. I had my dog, as well as our valuables, locked in the bathroom. One of the guys kept asking if he could go use the restroom and became very frustrated when I said no because my dog was in there. He was very rude about it. When they were finally finishing loading up 2.5 hours later, the last thing they did was disconnect my washer and spill water all over the floor. They didn't tell me and I didn't notice until my hairy dog was playing in it right before getting in the car. Ugh... I showed up to my new house and had about 20 minutes to kill on my own because they GOT LOST... They both had new iPhones, so I'm not sure how that could even be possible. They didn't reassemble my entertainment center. They kept slamming pieces of furniture (shelves and part of a vanity) on my counter tops despite me asking them not to. They left my couch cushions laying all on the floor. Before they left, I noticed a large (2"x2") area of discoloration on the side of my dark dining chair. The guy LICKED his finger and rubbed on it while exclaiming it was "just paint". It is "just paint"... off my washer! The giant white paint spot compliments the 1.5" gouge in the back railing of the same chair nicely. The worst part is the big gouge they made in my front door when they smacked it with something. I remember hearing the door open hard and slam into the doorstop at one point, but I was too busy focusing on the other guy USING MY RESTROOM (even though I had said NO) to see exactly what had happened. I just know I am left with a huge scrape/dent in my front door, which is the FIRST thing you see when you walk up. Embarrassing. I was never so happy to see anyone leave, especially since it had been over 3.5 hours since we started... I called and spoke with Terry, the owner. He kept telling me to call back when Matt was there, because even though it's HIS company, Matt made the sell and would have to see it through. I emailed in photos of the damage. I didn't hear anything back so I called the next day to make sure the files opened. I was told they were "working on it" and Terry dismissed me. I called back the following day to see what else I needed to do, and much to my dismay, Terry the owner was very RUDE. He told me I was obnoxious and annoying him by calling and checking in.I suggested replacing the chair and he laughed and asked if I was "out of my mind". He offered to put a layer of stain on it to fix it right up. Um NO!!! You will not patch up or paint one chair in a five piece set. It'd never match up. He also said there was NO WAY they damaged my door. Please. He was getting very rude so I told him if I was bothering him, I could just file my complaint with the BBB instead. To which Terry replied, "Go ahead. I have a AAA rating with the BBB. They can't and won't touch me, but I'll just go on and deny that claim right now." He THREATENED me! He talked to me like I was an idiot child the entire conversation, but he also called me names and threatened to deny my claim right off. I now know I will never receive anything from them to fix what they damaged. Learn from my mistakes and RUN AWAY FROME APACHE!!!