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Submitted this review about Apioneer Moving Systems
Review made Live: 10/15/2009 9:31:00 PM
This is meant to alert you to some of the practices going on at A Pioneer Moving Company. We were assured that everything would be handled by professionals and the price was right. I would like to lay out some of the facts of what we were told and what actually happened. · At the first visit by your sales rep, we were told that our belongings would not even fill a single moving fan (the house was 5,000 ft2 with 21,000 lbs). At the next visit, the same rep told us that he still thought one moving van was more than enough. By the third visit, the same rep told us we were going to completely fill a 53’ moving van. o In reality, our belongings did not fit in a 53’ moving van. In fact, there was no moving van. Our belongings were loaded into a plain white 53’ tractor trailer, which already included someone else’s belongings in the front of the truck. · The sales rep informed us that our belongings would be driven by an A Pioneer driver and we would be in touch with the driver throughout the entire process so that we knew where our belongings were at all times. o In reality, the driver that showed up at our house did not work for A Pioneer and was ‘affiliated’ with another van line. Although the driver did contact us on his way to the destination, he was not the same driver that delivered our belongings. · We were told by the A Pioneer sales rep, at his final visit to our house, that all of our belongings, including the packing of pictures, could be accomplished in a single day. o In reality, we received a phone call from A Pioneer three days prior to our move informing us that A Pioneer would need two days to load the truck and that they would be there a day earlier, which was different than what our sales rep had told us. · We were told by the A Pioneer sales rep that A Pioneer were experts in moving pianos and had extensive experience in packing and shipping pianos, including the proper use of a piano board. o In reality, the piano was packed and arrived safely, but there was no use of a piano board and the moving company that delivered the piano expressed great concern about the way it was packed and loaded onto the truck. · We were told by the A Pioneer sales rep that all of our belongings would be on a single truck. o In reality, all of our belongings did not fit on a single truck (partially because we did not have a proper moving van and partially because someone else’s belongings were already on the truck when it arrived). We were forced to negotiate with the buyer of our home to allow the rest of our belongings to be stored in the garage for a few extra days beyond closing. A Pioneer picked up the rest of our belongings two days later. Although we could not be present, we had our real estate agent and a friend supervise the loading. No inventory was taken and no inventory sheets were provided to our representatives on site. In short, there was no record of what A Pioneer loaded onto the truck and we had no record of those belongings. We were told by the A Pioneer sales rep that a “binding” contract means exactly that, the price is “binding” no matter what. We do not pay anything more than that price, delivered, no matter what. And, at the same time, should the shipment be less than what A Pioneer thought, we do not get any money back. o In reality, we were forced to pay over $1100 extra on top of the “binding” contract. We were told that “binding” is only on the weight and not on any extra packing or tape. We confirmed with three other moving companies independently that “binding” means “binding” and that A Pioneer is not holding up their end of the contract. · We were told that our extra belongings, that did not make it onto the original truck, would be delivered shortly after the initial load was delivered. The original load was delivered as expected. o In reality, our final belongings were delivered over 3 weeks later. We never received any inventory sheets for those belongings from A Pioneer, although we asked for them many times. We are still unpacking boxes, finding broken items, and several pieces of furniture were damaged by A Pioneer, some completely destroyed. I have tried to stick to the facts and data related to this move. I have tried to keep opinion out so that you may fully understand the circumstances that we dealt with. A Pioneer rarely provided information, dates, anything…promises were made but not delivered on. In addition, I feel we have overpaid, even beyond our “binding” contract for inferior service. I am extremely disappointed in my selection for a moving company.