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Random Neighbor

Submitted this review about Apple Moving
Review made Live: 4/7/2014 12:51:00 PM
Surprisingly, I have not used this company. I have, on the other hand, been berated by one of their movers. My husband and young daughter are both totally blind. Our apartment complex recently put up a handicap spot for us, so that they could easily locate the car. We live in a small community and everyone knows their neighbors pretty well, so they understood when we told them the Handicap tag was being replaced. I came out about 9am the other morning, and one of the movers asked me if he needed to move the truck so I could get out. I said, "Yes, please" and from then things went on the decline. The very first words out of his mouth were, "Oh, so you're the person that's in the handicapped spot that isn't really handicapped?”. I was very taken aback. I responded with, "No, the tag is being replaced." He retorted with a rude comment about why I had a bike rack on my car if I was handicapped. I explained that it was not for me, but for my husband. He began to raise his voice at me, saying that he could have broken his neck by not having access to the stairs during the move because my car was in the way. At this point, I began to drive off, but forgot my wallet inside. I pulled up and went back. I saw "" printed in big letters along the side of the truck as I walked by. I asked him if he was a mover or a neighbor. He said he was a mover. I told him I'd be letting his supervisor know how he's acted, and he responded with the following: " You go ahead. My name is Diego. I look like a Diego, right? I make a lot of money doing this. Go ahead and call. Who are you to them? They aren't going to care what you say." I went inside, got my wallet and explained to my husband what was going on. He came out, cane in hand. About that time, the other mover called up to the guy and said, "Hey, Mike! Stop!". I saked him if his name was Mike and he said, "Yeah, but I go by Diego." My husband proceeded to talk to him, telling him that he is, in fact, handicapped and to basically back down. I did call and speak with the supervisor, Josh, and was told that he would be working a few days less this next week. He apologized. Upon return, the move was still underway, the handicap spot was blocked. I parked and went up to the neighbor that was moving out to apologize for the disruption and to explain what happened. As Mike came back in and saw me, he began yelling at me again. He said that he did not have to move the truck and that he could've made me wait for an hour or more while they did the move. I called the supervisor back to let him know, but this has bothered me since. The mover was very angry and aggressive toward me and I actually began to feel unsafe with him knowing where I live. He has been given our gate code and I would definitely not recommend this company. While the boss was apologetic, he informed me that Mike would not be let go. While the company may be ok, you run the risk of getting Mike as your mover, who may threaten your neighbors and give you a good scare (the guy is pretty big).