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Review made Live: 8/9/2013 3:13:00 PM
Stay away at all costs! I scheduled a move with them 3 weeks in advance. The person I talked to seemed nice and seemed like the best price. I read reviews on this site, which were really good. I later found out the reviews on the this site look fake (look at the questionably consistent time stamps of postings), and the company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I do highly suspect that these guys are a criminal organization. Here is what happens: A driver calls me the day before I scheduled my move to tell me they are on the way. My first reaction is XXXwhat? I am moving tomorrow, not today. He apologizes, and I go back to work. Then I realize he provided me a totally different name of a company than the one I originally hired. I thought I made a mistake to only realize they use different names to avoid the bad reviews that people are giving them. I then come across reviews on this website (unfortunately I did not see them at first.) I end up calling the company to ask about their insurance and reasoning behind people writing reviews about how they are charging people different prices than originally agreed upon. First, the guy gets super defensive, and becomes very, very rude. I keep being professional, and state that I am concerned and want to clarify the terms of the agreement, and inquired about their insurance. The guy then gets flustered, and tells me that he isn't "begging for my business" nor does he "need my business", and that I should find a different company to do my move. THE EVENING BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO MOVE. I said I didn't want to cancel because I wasn't sure I could find another company on such a short notice and that I had to be out of my place the next day. Yet, he strongly insisted that I find another company. So I had to spend all night stressing and looking for another company to move all my stuff with less than 24hrs to move out of my apartment. If I wasn't so busy with better things than dealing with criminals, I'd try to sue them and try to close their business down for misrepresenting themselves and breach of contract.