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Words cannot describe how awful

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Review made Live: 8/28/2012 9:03:00 AM
DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! I can't stress this enought!!! I used them last weekend. I confirmed twice that they would arrive at 8 am ( I had to reserve and elevator). They showed up at 9 am, an hour late. I called to ask what was going on, and the office representative just said, "they will be there" over and over. IMPORTANT PART: The office rep said it was a 3 hour minimum; 2 hours for labor, 1 for driving. But if the drive was only 10 minutes, the rest of that time was packing. Therefore, a 3 hour move would cost $240. Well this isn't the case. They charged me 4 hours, plus an additional hour so the truck could go pick up workers. Then the movers forgot tools at my old place. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: When I called to ask about the extra charges and the late arrival, the office rep repeatedly cut me off and wouldn't let me explain anything. Then he said, and I quote verbatim, "GO F**K YOURSELF!" and hung up the phone. I called back, and they haven't answered my call since. I tried on another phone, and I asked his name, he said "Mike," when I asked his last name, he hung up on me after recognizing my voice. I have not heard from the company, or been able to reach them since. For a $240 quote, I ended up pay $466 (after making the movers knock $40 off for being massively late and forgetting tools). I also was told to "F*** myself" by one of their "professionals."  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WOULD I EVER CONSIDER USING THIS COMPANY