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Review made Live: 7/17/2013 10:55:00 AM
My letter after making a phone call to the person noted on the paperwork for our move: I called Mr. Kubiskey to file a complaint in which he asked me to send him my complaint issues in writing. I explained to him the sequence of events concerning the complaint: 1. Delivery time window was 9am-11am. Delivery did not arrive until 6:30pm. (7.5 hours late) 2. The only phone call from delivery driver received at 4:30pm stating vehicle trouble before he left his delivery yard in Corona, CA (Sav On Moving) and said he would arrive around 6:30pm. 3. When delivery driver arrived – it was only the ONE delivery driver expected to unload our entire delivery of a 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment contents. 4. Delivery driver said that another person helped him unload our items from the broken truck to the working truck. The driver called his supervisor Jeremiah (Sav On Moving) and asked him who was coming with him on the delivery and his supervisor Jeremiah said, “I guess you’re on your own on this trip”. 5. My husband lifted, drove dollies, moved items, and unwrapped covered items from 6:30-9:45pm until the unload was complete. I supervised the inventory sheet to ensure all items were accounted for. Two items arrived broken. Item #62-Silver lamp= post of lamp bent and cannot be straightened. Item #104-Black Metal 3 shelf rack= lower shelf broken-cannot support anything. I called the stated Arpin representative for complaints (Joseph Kubiskey) on the information sheet received with our delivery reservation. I explained my situation to Mr. Kubiskey and he asked me to submit the complaint in writing. I asked him if there was anyone else that handles complaint issues and he stated that he was the person who handles them. I asked him to give me an estimated timeline of response once receiving my information and his response was “Mondays I am really busy and probably will not get a chance to look at it today”. He also continued to say things like “this is the shipping business” and “shippers are booked tight right now”. This is a blatant display of unprofessionalism laden with excuses. I explained to him that our schedule was completely flexible and we did not have a deadline or urgent delivery date. I also expressed how I could not understand why Arpin sacrificed their quality of service by delivering extremely late and unprepared when the delivery could have been postponed until the next day with appropriate help on hand and within a reasonable delivery timeline. We have moved locally and long distance over the past 6 years using Wheaton and BC Moving multiple times and have received exceptional service. I am not only dissatisfied but also disappointed in the service I have received from Arpin. Arpin contracted Sav On Moving and must take responsibility for their poor decisions and lack of customer service while representing Arpin. As a customer paying a significant amount of money for this move, my husband and I are requesting that a full refund of the delivery cost be granted in regards to the items listed above as well as the lack of professionalism from the person who is designated to handle customer complaints. In your Arpin informational booklet, pg.11 under “What happens at my new home” states “The driver and crew” however there was no crew. We paid for a delivery service and did not receive that since my husband unloaded our delivery with a driver. Arpin’s tag line “we’re creating customers for life” is certainly not something I would stand by nor did I experience. You can also expect that I will file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in regards to this situation. To this day, we have received only excuses for their terrible customer service and they are NOT reputable. If they were, they would have compensated us in some way for our efforts even though we PAID THEM to provide a service they did not fulfill to our satisfaction. Inexcusable. If I was the business owner or a representative in this company, I would be embarrassed by the countless negative feedback given concerning Arpin's brand.