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Poor Service, Do NOT use

Submitted this review about Arrow Van Line
Review made Live: 7/6/2010 7:54:00 AM
Do NOT ever use Arrow Van Line! As we speak, it is 11:53pm and the movers have still not arrived, although they confirmed they would arrive today. I called to see where they were, they reassured that they would be here at 7:00pm, then 8:00pm, than 9:45pm, then "in 45 minutes or so." I moved from LA to Chicago about 3 weeks ago. At their suggestion, I postponed my delivery, as I wouldn't be back in Chicago until the 21'st. They assured me my things would definitely be here, as they had an extra week to deliver. When I called on Wednesday the 23'rd, the rep ensured my things would be there in another "soon." When I called on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I was again met with surprise, a hurried call to the driver as I waited on the line, then a promise my things would be there "today." I was then told "the truck had problems", which my boyfriend accurately assured is grounds for a lower rate (as airlines or any service company concedes when they have internal problems prohibiting their base service.) I was also told "he's transferring your things now to a smaller truck b/c he's in a big truck now." This info was relayed to me on Friday. It's now Wednesday, and the dispatcher said he was just doing the swap to a smaller truck today (the dispatcher is from local company, a contractor, which I was originally told Van Line doesn't do. They assured they held my things the entire time.) I was then asked to pay an additional $100 for the "shuttle" service of the smaller truck and $75 a staircase b/c I'm on the 2nd floor with no elevator (but a very large and ample stairwell.) I'm still waiting for my things. I have no idea if I'm actually getting them tonight or in what condition. Every time Arrow Van Line asked if I could call back after they got a status, I was met with confusion on my call-back, as if the previous conversation did not happen and I needed to explain myself again. I don't know what type of communication or personnel bandwidth this company has, but it is evidently very poor. I have never written a poor review, let alone one so awful, but I implore you to not use this company. Let me assure you that I do alot of operations work in my career. I have worked with innumerable contractors and planners for many years, and this, this is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. UPDATE: The movers got here at 12:18AM. As I met one of them, I smelled strong alcohol on his breath. The driver met me upstairs and announced I had to pay $300. I asked why, he said because I had fees for extra distance, stairs and shuttle. These were issues I had already discussed with Arrow Vanlines who assured me they would talk with their contractor and I would have no payment beside my remaining balance (why am I paying this? At this point, my things are just being kept hostage.) Apparently nobody told the driver, and so he's now left with my things and I'm back on the air mattress this evening. Let's see if my things make it tomorrow. At this point, I'm ready to contact a lawyer just to see if I have any legal options on the contract, after this type of atrocious service. I kind of feel sorry for the people who work there, as it's evident this type of work comes from the top down. UPDATE 2: My things came exactly 1 month later than when I shipped them. My furniture is all banged up and in some cases, completely unusable. I implore you, do not ever use this company.