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Bad Moving Experience

Submitted this review about Arsenal Van Lines
Review made Live: 7/24/2010 11:57:00 AM
They are a crooked business, the people who work directly for them and the ones they subcontract. John is the salesman, he's the most helpful guy in the world until he gets your business. Made all kinds of promises about how smooth my move was going to be. Here's how smooth it actually went... The movers called me and told me due to scheduling or other people's moves, they had to arrive a day earlier than promised. I told them my stuff wasn't packed, they'd have to wait. They said now or never. I had no option, I had to drop everything and pack like a madman. The mover arrives (subcontracted) and does a decent job of moving everything out. When it comes time to pay up, I am hit with over $300 worth of hidden costs including $38 for 5 rolls of tape he used to wrap blankets around my furniture!! Oh, and he only takes cash. This guy barely speaks English so I figure I'd better check his math on my bill and sure enough he calculated the sales tax incorrectly. I told him his mistake, he got very rude with me but finally agreed he was wrong. Before he left, I asked when my stuff will arrive, he said not sure... My stuff arrives 9 days later!!! Made a call everyday after day three to the salesman (John), the driver, and the general manager of Arsenal Van Lines. The salesman's phone was turned off this entire period, never received a call back to this day. The driver gave excuses of truck trouble, its a busy time of year, having complications moving other client's things, etc. The manager (Ben) was rarely in, and the receptionist refused to give me a direct phone line to him. When I would finally reach him he would assure me day after day that my things would be here "tomorrow". I argued that it's only an 8 hour drive and they're holding important things I need for work, not to mention most of my clothes and something to sleep on. It's hard to function in an empty apartment for 9 days. He argued because I didn't pay extra for the guaranteed delivery date, they had 7 days to deliver. I said it's been 9! Apparently weekends don't count as days. After asking him the golden customer service question, "what would you do in my situation" he offered me an insulting $100 refund. Great... Mover arrived, much lazier this time. Placed things in their general location and left his expensive tape all over my furniture. And of course there are dings all over my furniture and none of my desk drawers close right. Time to pay up but guess what, my refund will get mailed to me, go ahead and pay the whole thing for now. My refund check arrived a month and a half later with the wrong name on it! Hashing that out now so I can finally get my whopping $100. DO NOT USE ARSENAL VAN LINES! I am on a mission to put them out of business.