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Broken items & too much money

Submitted this review about Astro movers
Review made Live: 6/10/2014 11:05:00 AM
The move from my old address to the new one was only about 2 miles...I was originally given an estimate of 7 hours.....naturally I was charged for 9 hours...six men and two trucks. They arrived at 8:15 and loaded up one truck, then started the other. One truck left @ 11:00 AM with 3 guys from the home and was told to make two lefts and you are right there at the new home (remember, it's 2 miles)...lo and behold they claimed they got lost for just shy of an hour ( had to pay $250 for that hour).....they obviously stopped at a Chinese food place to eat, because they smuggled the waste garbage from the truck to a garbage can (the plastic tubs were still warm!).....then I was foolish enough to buy a few pizzas and they had lunch for another 45 minutes (at $250 an hour!).....then things started breaking....first a $3500 desk was broken....then a $400 coffee table was split...then an antique sewing machine was totally damaged....then I noticed the movers were DROPPING boxes of my LPs to the all, I experienced about $5,000 in damaged goods, and I was stupid not to buy the insurance (who knew in a 2 mile move, so much stuff would be broken?)....I would never recommend these guys to move a dog house!